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Agile With Business Architecture


Enterprises are preparing to respond to the business's ever-changing demands in an agile manner to reap the benefits of a shorter time to market. To fulfil organizational goals, they require a high level of business agility. Models and interactions between organizations are at an all-time high due to business complexity, and IT systems are supporting these complexities in various ways. Rather than developing custom-tailored rigid systems, many businesses opt to construct product-type customizable systems. The architects who provide technology leadership had to go above and beyond their scope to meet business objectives.

Given the changing landscape, the enterprise architect must evolve to perform the strategic role of working closely with the business to define business strategy, architecture governance, and so on at an enterprise level while also overseeing how the business strategies are implemented through the agile architect. As a result, enterprise architects are adjusting to the comprehensive agile paradigm and easing into the role of Agile Enterprise Architect.

Enterprise Architecture

BITAF: Business IT Architecture Fundamentals

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