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Physical Class Enrolment Program


13 Dec 2021

We care about your well-being when attending the physical class.

Do you still remember the feeling of attending physical class?

Ever since the pandemic started, almost all the training became virtual. Only recently, when the government announced that physical class is allowed, only some of us were willing to attend the physical class.

In GemRain, we make sure that you participate with ease of mind when you attend the training. Hence, we came across SAN-Air, an Australian company that uses natural, sustainable ingredients to deliver the highest quality and most effective products to eradicate MOULD, BACTERIA, and other microorganisms in indoor air spaces.

Each of the SAN-Air canisters will last up to 60 days. You may bring it back home or office after the training ends.

*terms and conditions apply.

Please chat with us via our Live Chat at the bottom right for more information.

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