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Are ITIL certifications worth the effort in 2023?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

In the age of DevOps, getting an ITIL certification continues to be essential as ITIL-certified professionals are in high demand. An ITIL certificate can only be owned by an individual. You cannot earn it to cover the entire organization.

ITIL, What is it?

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is an IT service management framework that outlines best practices for delivering IT services. Some tasks that can be done through ITIL by IT Companies are centralized corporate email and corporate websites that rely on back-end IT processes such as server and network management. ITIL’s systematic method of IT service management (ITSM) can assist corporations in manipulating risk, improving their relationship with customers, setting up cost-powerful practices, and constructing a solid IT surrounding that lets in for growth, scale, and change.

The purpose of ITIL is for businesses to create predictable IT environments and to provide quality customer support viable to clients and customers through streamlining approaches and figuring out possibilities to enhance efficiency. ITIL is about standardizing business practices to help organizations maintain and smooth business processes. ITIL too, can reduce the cost of service development and placement, increasing customer satisfaction with better service, increased productivity from the IT team, quality management metrics, and increased flexibility in adapting services to the constantly changing business environment


Benefits of Getting ITIL Certified

Apart from adding an ITIL certification to your resume, obtaining ITIL certifications can help you land jobs with lucrative salaries. ITIL’s established principles govern today’s modern technology, and with constant updates, they are sure to stay. Thus, ITIL certification is safe and lets you prepare for the future.

ITIL is a globally recognized certification and with thousands of companies adapting ITIL for their business practices, ITIL knowledge will be crucial. As an ITIL® certified professional, you can work in any organization regardless of its size across various sectors.

Besides being used in most business-related organizations, ITIL is also used in healthcare and higher education industries.

Are ITIL Certifications in demand?

It definitely is! The IT sector requires professionals who can handle data and computer operations and can follow up with the current trends in the market. Organizations need employees who are well-versed in all the current trends in IT infrastructure arrangement and supervision. Since organizations and businesses today are all about efficiency in Information Technology to achieve their business goals, ITIL certified employees will be a strength.

What are the ITIL Certification levels?

ITIL 4 certifications are ITIL Foundations, ITIL 4 Managing Professional, ITIL Strategic Leader, and ITIL 4 Master

How to get ITIL Certified?

If you complete all modules required for the ITIL Managing Professional (MP) and ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) certification paths, you’ll qualify for the ITIL Master designation. To become an ITIL Master, you need at least five years of experience working in ITSM at the leadership, management, or advisory level. The ITIL Master designation requires a strong background in ITSM and extensive hands-on experience working with ITIL, but there is no training course or fixed syllabus

The ITIL 4 Foundation certification introduces the ITIL framework. It enables candidates to look at ITSM through an end-to-end operating model to create, deliver, and continually improve tech-enabled products and services. The certification can help candidates who require a basic understanding of the ITIL framework, want to use ITIL to enhance ITSM or those whose organization has adopted ITIL.


Now let's take a look at one training that can be taken to obtain an ITIL Certificate. You can start with ITIL 4 Foundation before moving on to the ITIL Managing Professional (MP) or Strategic Leader (SL) certification tracks, which give advanced practical and technical expertise and are the go-to certifications for IT professionals and more. Gemrain’s ITIL4 Foundation Training is a hands-on virtual session guided by a trainer each and every step.



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