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GRC-106: Microsoft Power Apps And Power Automate Fundamental Track

Power Apps and Power Automate are Microsoft services that enable the creation of custom business apps and automated workflows. Power Apps streamlines the development of custom apps that connect to data across web and mobile platforms without the need for custom software. Power Automate simplifies the process of creating automated workflows between different apps and services, including file synchronization, notifications, and data collection.

Module 1: An Introduction to Power Apps

Module 2: Getting Started with Power Apps

Module 3: Branding and Media

Module 4: Power Apps Controls

Module 5: Data Sources and Logic

Module 6: Model-Driven Apps

Module 7: Power App Integration

Module 8: Administration and Maintenance of Power Apps

Module 9: An Introduction to Power Automate

Module 10: Getting Started with Power Automate

Module 11: Power Automate Logic

Module 12: Integration

Module 13: The Mobile App

Module 14: Administration And Maintenance

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