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GRC-112: Microsoft Power BI Data Modeling with DAX

Learn how to use DAX aggregate functions and add calculated columns, build measurements, and use DAX logical and filter functions and recommended practices for data model construction and optimization.

Module 1: Introduction to DAX

Module 2: Table Functions

Module 3: Evaluation Contexts

Module 4: CALCULATE Function

Module 5: Iterators

Module 6: Time Intelligence in DAX

Module 7: Hierarchies in DAX

Module 8: ALLSELECTED and Shadow Filter Contexts

Module 9: Segmentation

Module 10: Many-to-many Relationships

Module 11: Introduction to Data Modeling

Module 12: Header / Detail Tables

Module 13: Working with Date and Time

Module 14: Using Snapshot Tables

Module 15: Analyzing Date and Time Intervals

Module 16: Many-to-Many Relationships

Module 17: Working with Different Granularities

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