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Buy Now, Pay Later | Instalment Payment Solution

Upskill yourself with ease of mind!

Instant approval

Spending limit cap : RM3,000

3 months 0% instalment

Atome "Buy now, pay later"

3 months instalment. 0% interest.

Split your payment into 3 months instalment with debit card.

Understand more about Atome’s terms and conditions here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • App repayment.
    Go to your ATOME APP. Select “Check and Pay” overdue bills. Update your credit or debit card details.

  • Auto-Deduction
    Deposit sufficient funds to the debit/credit card bound to your Atome account for the auto deduction.

If you fail to make a scheduled payment, we will charge you an administration fee and place a hold on your account until the balance is settled.

We will charge you RM50 to reactivate your account. An extra RM25 fee will be imposed if the reactivation cost and payment are not paid within seven days. In Malaysia, the maximum administrative fee per transaction is restricted to RM150.

Your account will be blocked, and you will be asked to pay all outstanding sums owing, as well as a processing fee:
Days since the last payment: 2 days - RM50 charged Days since the last payment: 8 days – RM25 charged

  • For their account to be restored, the customer must pay in full all previous payments.

  • If a customer has any other problems, they should contact Atome's support team or visit the company's website.

To use the service, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age

  • Currently reside in Malaysia

  • Have a mobile phone number registered under your MyKad with your telco

  • Own a credit or debit card that will be used to pay for your purchases on Atome

At checkout, select Atome as your preferred payment method. Make the first payment (one-third of your bill) with your credit or debit card at the time of purchase, and the balance in two equal interest-free instalments over the next two months. It's that simple.

Atome is a free service: if you pay all of your planned payments on time, there are no hidden service fees or interest costs. However, the merchant you're shopping with may charge you additional costs for paying with Atome; this is a matter between you and the merchant.

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