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We don't just offer a course but the essential roadmap for academics to be fully equipped to enter the job market.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, university graduates have struggled to enter the job market and compete among other graduates for suitable placement in different industries. These graduates' marketability has always been a challenge of immense proportions when they try to secure a spot in the job market. A hiring manager would always consider the potential candidates' skills as the main deciding factor in hiring them.

We at GemRain Consulting are proud to present the GemRain Industrial-Prep for Academics (GR-IPA) training courses to offer all universities and higher education institutions to participate in the abovementioned programs. Our GR-IPA series of courses are specially crafted to prepare the students with the necessary competencies of different technologies such as Microsoft, Python, and many more.

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Gerald Hoong

Founder, CEO & Master Trainer

He creates and customizes training courses for his clients, making him one of the few highly sought-after Microsoft certified trainers in the Asia Pacific region. He has established a customer base in Europe, specifically Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, and France. He has been inducted into The Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) pool of highly recognized trainers in the Asia Pacific region.

Digital Transformation with Microsoft Power Platform

Young Businesswomen

Microsoft Power Platform Quickstart Skills


Young Businesswomen

Microsoft Power Automate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI Builder


Young Businesswomen

Microsoft Power BI DAX and Data Modeling


Young Businesswomen

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Custom AI Chatbots


Young Businesswomen

Microsoft Power BI Data Storytelling Concepts and Techniques


Young Businesswomen

Microsoft Power Platform for Microsoft Teams Digital Collaboration


Data Literacy

Young Businesswomen

The Essence of Data Literacy in the Job Market



We do not just offer a course; GR-IPA is an essential roadmap tailor-made for academics to be fully fitted to enter the industry. Our courses encompass the most demanding technologies in the market today, such as Microsoft, Python, Java, PHP, and Flutter.

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The World of Data Science with Python

Young Businesswomen

Python Industrial Scripting Skills


Young Businesswomen

Python Data Science Development


Modern Web Development

Young Businesswomen

Mobile Development with Flutter


Young Businesswomen

Java and J2EE Essentials


Young Businesswomen

PHP Web Development


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To address the challenges, the government has prepared a budget to help final-year university students or graduates who have yet to obtain a job placement to train and equip them with the necessary industrial skills, strengthening their competencies and increasing their marketability. This is where the Penjana KPT-PACE and Penjana KPT-CAP programs come into the picture.

Penjana KPT-PACE

  • Professional certification programs

  • Final year students of Public Universities, Polytechnics, Community Colleges and Private Higher Education Institutions

  • Training programs to increase the marketability of graduates

  • Graduates of Public Universities, Polytechnics, Community Colleges and Private Higher Education Institutions

Penjana KPT-CAP

What is Penjana KPT-PACE?

  • A curriculum for seniors or graduates of 2022 to enhance their skills and competencies through professional certification based on the expertise and competencies of connected sectors.

  • Course attendance voucher valued at RM3,000

  • Course duration is dependent on the courses taken.

Who is eligible for Penjana KPT-PACE?


  • Malaysian citizen

  • Diploma/ Degree/Masters Students who are currently in their final year at Public Universities

  • Degree/ Diploma/ Masters holder who graduated in 2022 from Public Universities

  • Have not been offered any programs under PENJANA

  • Only full-time masters student without employment are allowed to apply


  • Malaysian citizen

  • Final year students at Private Higher Educational Institutions

  • Masters/ Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate holder which graduated in 2022 from Private Higher Educational Institution

  • Have not been offered any programs under PENJANA

  • For Master’s students, only those who are not working are eligible for consideration


  • Malaysian citizen

  • Final year students at Polytechnics and College Communities

  • Degree/ Diploma/ Certificate holder who graduated in 2022 from Polytechnics and College Communities

  • Have not been offered any programs under PENJANA

What is Penjana KPT-CAP?

  • The Government has announced the National Economic Regeneration Plan (PENJANA) as a government initiative to address the difficulties of graduate marketability and reduce unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, via three tracks:


Place and Train

Competency training program targets participants with the skills required by the industry prior to job placement in the industry.

Entrepreneurship Training

Target the establishment of start-up companies from graduates. Participants will also be assisted with financial funding.

Gig Economy Preparation Training

Competency training program to help participants to generate income through freelancing activities.

  • The main objectives of Penjana KPT-CAP Programme for:

Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Awam (IPTA)

To increase the employability of Public Universities, Polytechnics and Community Colleges graduates who graduated in 2019, 2020, 2021 (not employed yet) or have graduated in 2022 to pursue training programs in order to gain skills and improve skills, and have the opportunity to get job placement or income generation after the completion of the training programs followed.

Institusi Pengajian Tinggi Swasta (IPTS)