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Low-Code Application Development with Microsoft Power Apps and Azure


With Power Apps and Azure, you can create line-of-business apps in less time and for less money. Out-of-the-box connectivity, built-in solutions for typical use cases, and drag-and-drop simplicity help you automate business operations. Use Azure API Management and Azure Functions to expand and extend your apps while also responding swiftly to changes.

1) Spend less work on the foundational elements, such as tracking bugs, embedding apps, and supporting different devices and distribution channels.
2) The Azure platform provides access to hundreds of prebuilt services.
3) Azure services are simple to integrate into your projects because they all have uniform, well-documented APIs.
4) Because Azure services are developed and maintained by Microsoft, there is no requirement to test and version them.

GRC-103: Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop

GRC-106: Microsoft Power Apps And Power Automate Fundamental Track

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