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Employment Law Programme

Through our Employment Law Programme, you will learn how to deal with difficult employment situations, including sexual harassment, absenteeism, sleeping on duty, and frustration of contract. Our courses are ideal for HR professionals, managers, and anyone responsible for employment-related issues. If you're interested in attending our programme or have any questions, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you enhance your skills.

Why is it important to have knowledge about employment law?

Are you aware of the significance of Employment Law? It is crucial to have a clear understanding of Employment Law to ensure that you do not fall into any legal complications. Ignorance can lead to severe consequences, such as lawsuits, financial penalties or even loss of reputation. Hence, it is imperative to have sound knowledge of Employment Law to make informed decisions and safeguard your interests.

Having a comprehensive understanding of employment law is crucial for both employers and employees. Here are some compelling

The Industrial Court has highlighted several shortcomings in cases, such as failure to frame charges with essential details of the alleged misconduct, failure to follow procedures for conducting a Domestic Inquiry, and failure to consider mitigating factors before imposing punishment. These shortcomings have resulted in the Court ordering compensation running into millions per case. Knowledge of employment law can help avoid these costly mistakes.

In conclusion, knowledge of employment law is not just a legal requirement but a strategic tool that can help create a positive work environment, reduce legal risks, and ultimately contribute to the success of the organization. It’s an investment that pays off in the form of a motivated workforce, a reputable brand, and a thriving business.

Dato' Ajit Singh Jessy.jpg

Dato' Ajit Singh Jessy

D.M.P.N, D.S.P.N., P.K.T.

Speaker | Consultant | Founder, Jessy & Associates | Chairman, Penang State Human Resources Liaison Committee | Member of the Bar Councils Industrial Court Practice Committee

Background and Experience

With over 40 years of Personnel - Industrial Relations experience, Dato’ Ajit Singh Jessy brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Prior to entering legal practice, Dato’ Ajit served as the Group Human Resources Manager and Legal Advisor of Palmco Holdings, a public listed company. He is ranked among the Top Industrial Relations Lawyers In Malaysia, advising both leading corporate and multinational companies and representing senior litigant clients.

Affiliations and Achievements

Dato’ Ajit Singh Jessy holds prestigious positions in several organizations. He is the Chairman of the Penang State Human Resources Liaison Committee, which advises the State Government on labour and industrial relations issues. He is also a member of the Bar Councils Industrial Court Practice Committee. His past roles include Chairman of Malaysia Employers Federation (Northern Region), Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management (Northern Branch), and Electrical Industry Employers Association.

Why Choose This Training Course?

Dato’ Ajit Singh Jessy is not just a consultant to several companies, but also a seasoned speaker at numerous In-House training and public seminars. His courses are designed to provide practical insights and actionable strategies, making them a valuable investment for professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in Personnel and Industrial Relations.

Training Course

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ELP: Employment Law Programme



The Employment Law Programme course covers a wide range of topics, including probation, resignation under duress, frustration of contract, constructive dismissal, poor performance, sexual harassment, absenteeism, sleeping on duty, medical benefits, drug consumption, compensation in lieu of reinstatement, and conducting a proper domestic inquiry.


The course is based on recent landmark awards handed down by the Industrial Court throughout 2023, highlighting many shortcomings in HR practices. These include failing to frame charges with essential details of alleged misconduct, failing to follow procedures for conducting a Domestic Inquiry, failing to consider mitigating factors before imposing punishment, and failing to consider proportionality in imposing punishment.


By attending this course, HR professionals will gain a deep understanding of these issues and learn how to avoid costly mistakes. The course will also give them the tools and strategies to deal with HR issues more effectively and efficiently.


In conclusion, sending your HR team and Line Managers to attend this training course is a valuable investment that can significantly enhance your organization’s HR practices and reduce the risk of costly legal disputes.


Training Duration: 2 Days

  • Certificate Of Completion Available
  • Group Private Class
  • VILT Class Available
  • HRDCorp SBL-Khas Claimable


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