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5 Cost Optimization Techniques For AWS

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

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Moving your company to the cloud appears to be the best option. However, most people's first problem when migrating to the cloud is the high expense of Amazon Web Services (AWS), assuming that's your cloud of choice. One of the most prevalent issues that AWS users confront is "Bad AWS Billing Surprise." A large sum of money can burn a hole in your pocket, generally in the thousands of dollars.

"How to lower the increasing AWS costs sensibly without compromising business needs?" is the seemingly next question that comes to mind.

There are a few fundamental procedures to consider to avoid excessive AWS expenses. When it comes to cloud bills, it's critical to pay attention to several common tendencies across businesses. AWS provides default reports that allow enterprises to see costs and consumption in a high-level view. Using the hourly filter in conjunction with resources makes it easy to find the top resources incurring costs. Apart from that, here are five techniques to cut AWS costs that engineers or other IT team members can do.

You can do five things right now to save money on AWS.

Overuse of AWS Snapshots

AWS Data backup and archiving were the most prevalent uses for snapshots. This was before Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched automated backup and restore capabilities. It was customary for tech teams to unintentionally spend nearly 20% of their cloud bills on snapshots in the old legacy architecture. Most engineers back up everything, but it's critical to realize that not everything needs to be backed up. If your company still uses snapshots, it would be good to conduct an internal audit and collect only the necessary pictures while deleting the unnecessary ones. After the initial audit is completed, you can look for other modern backup features incorporated into AWS and permanently delete snapshots.

Expensive Overhead AWS Management Services

Many services fall under the banner of AWS Management Services, including AWS CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, and AWS X-ray. Businesses must take a step back and consider if all of the services they have chosen are appropriate and maintain a careful eye on the overall cost of AWS management. Cutting back on unneeded services, searching for redundancy, and investing in AWS services might be the order of the day. Regardless, it's critical to check in regularly to determine if the money spent on AWS services is smart.

NAT Gateways

Data can be moved between AWS regions using NAT gateways. If data frequently moves across AWS regions, it's essential to look into the NAT gateway data transfer fees. If this costs more than 10% of your AWS bill, investigate these charges in-depth to see if they are worthwhile and acceptable. If you run a high-traffic website, the expenditures are understandable; however, it's time to take a step back and consider how much of a spend is worthwhile if you run an average application. From time to time, AWS also offers advice on NAT gateway optimization.

Stay Updated with Latest Compute

Many organizations bear the burden of out-of-date computing and are saddled with significant technical debt. Although it may appear unimportant, moving on with outdated products will only do more harm. New product families are launched regularly, ensuring that the application performs better and costs less than the traditional technique. New script updates may be required to shift to a new family, which helps improve performance and save money on the AWS cloud. Keeping a tight check on spending and noting when it exceeds 10% for a particular account, it's time to evaluate and upgrade to new product families.

Cloud Transparency

The easiest method to avoid unintentional AWS expenditure is to gain complete visibility into live cloud expenses. Even real-time anomaly detection can help cut costs. With access to AWS optimization tools and access to the correct data at the right time, teams can increase cost optimization. The more vigilant organizations are about tracking AWS expenses, the fewer shocks they will have when they receive their monthly AWS payment.

AWS provides various services, pricing alternatives, and the freedom to control expenditures effectively. It enables you to maintain excellent company performance while lowering costs. The hour requires monitoring AWS expenses, analyzing data to detect gaps, and taking appropriate action to cut costs using a tactical strategy. The tactical plan must consider user requests while also reducing costs.

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