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What is VMware?

VMware is known as ‘Virtual Machine’ ware. VMware develops virtualization software.

Virtualization software creates an abstraction layer over computer hardware that allows the hardware elements of a single computer to processors, memory, storage, and to be divided into multiple virtual computers, commonly called virtual machines (VMs).

Each virtual machine runs its own operating system (OS) and behaves like an independent computer, even though it is running on a portion of the actual underlying computer hardware.

How VMware bring benefits to your company?

Using VMware products and services for virtualization brings several benefits. These include the following:

· Improved return on investment (ROI):

VMware enables you to use more of a physical computer's resources. Administrators do not like running multiple mission-critical applications on a single server OS because if one application crashes, it can make the OS unstable and crash other applications. One way to eliminate this risk is to run each application in its own OS on its own dedicated physical server, but this is inefficient because each OS might only use 30% of a server's CPU power. With VMware, you can run each application in its own OS on the same physical server and make better use of the physical server’s available CPU power.

· More efficient use of energy and space:

VMware lets you run more applications using fewer physical servers. Fewer physical servers require less space in your data center and less energy to power and cool.

· Industry support:

VMware is the foremost provider of virtualization services, with over 500,000 customers. A network of 75,000 partners supports customers with a wide variety of add-on products and services.

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Source : IBM


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