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Implement Security Through A Pipeline Using Azure DevOps

AZ-2001: Implement Security Through A Pipeline Using Azure DevOps

RM1,500.00 Regular Price
RM1,200.00Sale Price

Are you worried about data breaches and unauthorized access within your Azure DevOps pipelines?  Do you struggle to manage complex security configurations and ensure compliance? This "Implement Security Through A Pipeline Using Azure DevOps" training course is designed to address these exact challenges and empower you to build secure and reliable pipelines.


This course goes beyond theory, providing hands-on practice to tackle real-world security concerns. You'll learn industry best practices for:

  • Project and Repository Structure: Securely organize your projects and repositories, isolating sensitive code and configurations.
  • Resource Access Control: Lock down access to pipeline resources like agents, secrets, and repositories using granular permissions.
  • Identity Management: Master user and agent identities, ensuring only authorized entities can interact with your pipelines.
  • Permission Configuration and Validation: Fine-tune user and pipeline permissions, enforce branch checks and approvals, and actively monitor access.
  • Modular Pipelines with Templates: Break down complex pipelines into reusable templates, promoting code hygiene and reducing security risks.
  • Secure Azure Repos Access: Learn how to securely access packages, credentials, and secrets stored in Azure Repos, preventing unauthorized exposure.
  • Secure Variable and Parameter Usage: Protect sensitive information by properly configuring variables and parameters, ensuring type safety and preventing misuse.


Don't wait for a security breach to expose your vulnerabilities!  This comprehensive training equips you with the skills to proactively secure your Azure DevOps pipelines. Stop struggling with complex configurations and fragmented knowledge. Enroll today and gain the confidence to build secure and reliable CI/CD pipelines!


Training Duration: 1 Day

  • Certificate Of Completion Available
  • Group Private Class
  • VILT Class Available
  • SBL-Khas Claimable


Download Course Outline

  • This learning path helps you prepare for the Implement security through a pipeline assessment using Azure DevOps. Learn how to configure and secure Azure Pipelines. You'll also get opportunities to practice hands-on skills. These skills include configuring secure access to pipeline resources, configuring, and validating permissions, configuring a project and repository structure, extending a pipeline, configuring pipelines to use variables and parameters securely, and managing identity for projects, pipelines, and agents.

For a private in-house, please ask us for a quotation.


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