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CSACxO: Certified Security Aware CxO

CSACxO: Certified Security Aware CxO


The Certified Security Aware CxO course is designed for board and senior management members of an organization to comprehend cyber security and adopt a proactive approach. The course covers the most recent cyber threats, including mobile hacking, ransomware, advanced persistent threats, and social engineering, in addition to real-world attack use cases.


Participants will learn why cyber security is a board-level issue, how to manage it and their responsibilities in pre-breach, breach and post-breach scenarios.  In addition, this cybersecurity training covers risk management, governance frameworks, cyber insurance, and regulatory body rules. The training is meant for C-level executives and board members about cyber security without overwhelming them with technical terminology.


Training Duration: 1 Day

  • Certificate Of Completion Available
  • Group Private Class
  • VILT Class Available
  • SBL-Khas Claimable


Download Course Outline

  • Members of the board and other senior management of an organization can learn how to understand, evaluate, and adopt a proactive stance toward cyber security with this course. Members of the board will be exposed to all the most recent threats along the way, such as Mobile Hacking, WhatsApp-based attacks, Web Application Compromise, File-less Malwares, Ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats, Business Email Compromise, and Social Engineering that can completely destroy an organization.

    Discover more by looking at Use Cases of Recent Attacks, which include SingHealth, Equifax, British Airways, Schneider Electric, and many others.

    Learn why cyber security is a board level issue, how to manage it, and what the CXO and board members' responsibilities are in pre-breach, breach, and post-breach scenarios.

    These challenges are addressed in this high-impact security awareness training. By making sure your users are aware that they are targets, training them how to use technology safely, and ensuring your company stays compliant, it motivates and alters behavior. Additionally, you move beyond just prevention and start establishing human sensors, building a much more resilient company, by training your users the indicators of compromise and how to report occurrences.

For a private in-house, please ask us for a quotation.


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