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Certified Lead Cloud Security Manager

PECB-CLCSM: Certified Lead Cloud Security Manager


In the era of digital transformation, cloud computing has become a cornerstone for businesses, facilitating remote work and operational flexibility. However, this shift has also heightened the need for robust cloud security measures. The "Certified Lead Cloud Security Manager" training course is pivotal for several reasons:

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of Cloud Security: This course provides an in-depth understanding of cloud security concepts, principles, and best practices based on ISO/IEC 27017 and ISO/IEC 27018 standards. This knowledge is essential for effectively planning, implementing, managing, and maintaining a secure cloud infrastructure, thereby protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Industry-Recognized Certification: Achieving the PECB Certified Lead Cloud Security Manager credential demonstrates your expertise and commitment to cloud security. It validates your ability to manage a cloud security program, making you a valuable asset to any organization that relies on cloud services.
  • Practical Skills for Real-World Application: The course equips you with practical skills to address real-world cloud security challenges. You'll learn how to perform risk assessments, implement security controls, manage security incidents, and conduct security testing and monitoring, which are critical for maintaining the integrity and security of cloud environments.


Training Duration: 5 Days

  • Certificate Of Completion Available
  • Group Private Class
  • VILT Class Available
  • SBL-Khas Claimable


Download Course Outline

  • The growing number of organizations that support remote work has increased the use of cloud computing services, which has, in turn, increased the demand for a secure cloud infrastructure proportionally. This training course is designed to help participants acquire the knowledge and skills needed to support an organization in effectively planning, implementing, managing, monitoring, and maintaining a cloud security program based on ISO/IEC 27017 and ISO/IEC 27018. It provides a comprehensive elaboration of cloud computing concepts and principles, cloud computing security risk management, cloud-specific controls, cloud security incident management, and cloud security testing. The training course is followed by the certification exam. If you successfully pass it, you can apply for a “PECB Certified Lead Cloud Security Manager” credential. A PECB Lead Cloud Security Manager Certificate demonstrates your ability and competencies to manage a cloud security program based on best practices.

For a private in-house, please ask us for a quotation.


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