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GRC-102: Conquering DAX 2019

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is the native formula and query language for Microsoft PowerPivot, Microsoft Power BI Desktop and SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular models.

Module 1: Introduction to DAX

Module 2: Table Functions

Module 3: Evaluation Contexts

Module 4: CALCULATE Function

Module 5: Advanced Evaluation Contexts

Module 6: Iterators

Module 7: Building a Date Table

Module 8: Time Intelligence in DAX

Module 9: Hierarchies in DAX

Module 10: Data Lineage and TREATAS

Module 11: Expanded Tables

Module 12: Arbitrarily Shaped Filters

Module 13: ALLSELECTED and Shadow Filter Contexts

Module 14: Segmentation

Module 15: Many-to-Many Relationships

Module 16: Ambiguity and Bidirectional Filters

Module 17: Relationships at Different Granularities

Module 18: Querying with DAX

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