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Microsoft Power Platform AI Builder


This one-day express training is designed to equip participants with fundamental skills to develop custom AI models using Microsoft Power Platform AI Builder. It covers the essential steps of understanding models available to be trained and tested, as well as using the Process Advisor. This overview training is best for participants who want to know Microsoft Power Platform AI Builder as promptly as possible and dive right into creating a custom AI model and immediately test it in Power Apps or Power Automate.


After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Start familiarizing with AI Builder

  • Creating custom AI models using a few AI algorithms

  • Training the custom models and publishing them

  • Create a Power Apps app or Power Automate flow to test the usage of the AI models


This workshop is for beginners and users with little or no exposure to basic programming concepts, little or no knowledge of workflows technology, little or no knowledge of AI or machine learning technologies. Simply put, it is for every walk of life!


Module 1: Introduction to AI Builder

  • What is AI Builder?

  • Understanding different categories of AI models in AI Builder

  • Getting the AI Builder licence ready for your tenant

Module 2: Binary classification (Prediction)

  • Understanding binary classification which is now known as Prediction


  • Building a prediction model

  • Training and publishing the model

  • Creating a model-driven app to review the prediction result

Module 3: Performing Object detection

  • Understanding object detection to identify selected objects in images


  • Building an objection detection model

  • Training and publishing the model

  • Create a canvas app to use the object detection model to identify objects from available images

Module 4: Using Business Card Reader

  • Understanding the functionality of the business card reader


  • Create a canvas app

  • Connecting to data in Microsoft Dataverse

  • Adding a business card reader control

  • Test the canvas app by capturing a business card using the camera or from an image

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