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We analyze, design, develop and implement training and development solutions that are unique to your business needs.


Customized solutions provide additional value by increasing the learning outcomes of your training efforts and providing additional performance returns on your investment.

These are courses that our Master Trainer developed throughout his years of experience in training the official Microsoft courseware. He had compiled all questions and feedback commonly asked in all of his different pieces of training and crafted this 100% hands-on style workshop series. This ensures all attendees share the same real-world experiences that our Master Trainer evangelized all these years. Most of our clients thoroughly enjoyed this variety of training and had broadly endorsed them.


Our CDC courses are conducted in a workshop format, which is training based entirely on instructor-led hands-on driven classes. Our trainers thoroughly guide and perform hands-on lab exercises with the attendees to give them the maximum learning experience possible. If you are looking for a Microsoft Power Platform series training that is not the "follow-the-book" or "read-the-instruction-manual" type, then you have come to the right page!

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