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Make the most out of your Microsoft Azure cloud platform investment.

Our official Microsoft Azure training courses can help you use your cloud environment to its maximum potential, whether you master basic cloud computing concepts, learn to implement Azure or design and deploy cloud apps. It's never been easier to create and host applications on your Microsoft cloud. Learn everything from basic cloud concepts to sophisticated Azure topics.

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Level up your Azure skills and become Azure certified in 2024

Looking to advance your career in the tech industry and become a Microsoft Azure expert? Obtaining Azure certification is an excellent approach to demonstrating your abilities and knowledge to potential employers and differentiating yourself in a competitive job market.

But what exactly is Azure, and why is certification so important? Azure is a Microsoft cloud computing platform and infrastructure for developing, deploying, and managing applications and services across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres. It offers a range of services for computing, analytics, storage, and networking, and is used by businesses around the world to build and operate applications and services.

Cloud computing apps and platforms quickly gain traction across many industries, serving as the IT backbone that powers new digital ventures. These platforms and applications have changed the way firms operate and made operations more efficient. More than 77% of firms already use the cloud for at least some of their computing infrastructure.

While other cloud computing platforms are available, the cloud computing business is dominated by two platforms. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are the two cloud computing behemoths.

While Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud computing platform, Microsoft Azure is the second-largest and fastest-growing. This article focuses on Microsoft Azure and its services and applications.

As more businesses adopt Azure, the demand for professionals skilled in the platform grows. With the Azure certification, you can demonstrate your Azure experience and differentiate yourself in a competitive job market.

However, the advantages of Azure certification go beyond simply adding a new line to your CV. Here are a few of the main reasons why you should improve your Azure skills and become Azure-certified right away:

  • Improve your credibility and competence: Employers and clients are more likely to believe and respect professionals who have gone through the certification process. An Azure certification displays your dedication to your craft as well as your desire to invest in your personal growth.

  • Increase your career opportunities: You'll be qualified for a broader range of job opportunities and have a competitive advantage when applying for positions if you have an Azure certification.

  • Keep up with the latest features and functionality: Azure is continually changing, and certification ensures that you have the most up-to-date knowledge and abilities to fully utilise everything the platform has to offer.

  • Stand out in a crowded job market: As more people enter the IT profession, it's getting more important to distinguish oneself from the competition. An Azure certification can help you stand out and make you more appealing to potential employers.

How do you get started on the path to Azure certification? First, you'll need to decide which certification is right for you based on your current skills and career goals. There are three main of Azure certifications: role-based, specialty, and learning paths. Role-based certifications are designed to demonstrate your competence to accomplish specific tasks by focusing on a specific task. Specialty certifications are focused on a specific technology or solution and demonstrate your experience in that area. Finally, learning paths are intended to assist you in developing the abilities required for a specific job role.

After you've decided on an Azure certification, the following step is to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the exam. GemRain is a great place to start because we provide a variety of courses and hands-on labs to assist you in understanding the fundamentals.

In GemRain, step-by-step instructions will help you learn new abilities and explore the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud. Explore our Microsoft Azure cloud role-based certification courses to get started today. We acknowledge that busy schedules necessitate a variety of learning methods and learning paths. Throughout your certification journey, we provide a variety of certification and training solutions.

Gerald Hoong

Founder, CEO & Master Trainer

He creates and customizes training courses for his clients, making him one of the few highly sought-after Microsoft certified trainers in the Asia Pacific region. He has established a customer base in Europe, specifically Denmark, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Germany, and France. He has been inducted into The Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA) pool of highly recognized trainers in the Asia Pacific region.

About our popular Azure Certification Courses

Is Microsoft Azure certification worth it?

A Microsoft Azure certification verifies your cloud knowledge and expertise in a specific position. It can assist you in increasing your earning potential and staying ahead of your competition. By 2025, it is expected that roughly 80% of all enterprise workloads will have moved to the cloud. This means that people who can design cloud apps and manage cloud infrastructures will be in great demand, and a Microsoft Azure certification can help you acquire these skills.

Who should take the Azure certification course?

This Microsoft certified azure certification course is designed for people who want to work in the cloud. This Azure course is best suited for the following roles and disciplines:

  • Fresh grads who are eager to enter the workforce

  • Professionals with fewer than two years of experience in either technical or non-technical jobs who desire to move to the cloud.

What can I anticipate from this Azure certification course?

  • Learn from the best in the industry: Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing from prominent industry experts, with content designed to be industry-specific.

  • Industry-recognized certification: You will receive an industry-recognized course completion certificate upon successfully completing the Azure training programme.

  • Job assist services: For various job profiles, access employment aid services such as personalised CVs, career fairs, and interview preparation.

  • Projects and career services: Industry partners provide access.

For Azure certification, how many attempts are required?

If you fail the Azure certifications exam the first time, you have 24 hours to retake it. Following the second try, all subsequent efforts must be separated by 14 days. Passing the Azure tests is allowed a total of five times per year.

What are the course objectives?

After completing this Azure training, you will become an expert in Azure applications and architecture. You will learn the key principles of cloud computing and how they have been implemented in Microsoft Azure through this Microsoft certified azure training class. You'll also learn how to manage Azure users and groups' subscriptions, billing, and role-based access control; implement use cases and configuration options for Azure app services and app service environments; design an Azure app service web app using Azure CLI, Powershell, and other tools; and manage Azure solutions' security and identity.

What is the best Azure certification for a beginner?

Foundational, Associate, and Expert are the three levels of Microsoft Azure certificates. Start with a Foundational level certification, such as Microsoft Azure Fundamental AZ-900 Exam, if you are a newbie.
How long does it take to become certified in Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303?

Every person's preparation time for the Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies AZ-303 certification is different. It relies on one's prior knowledge and the level of exam preparation. If you are dedicated enough, adequate preparation can take 3 to 6 months.

Which certification is the best for Azure?

Microsoft Azure certificates are role-based, so you can pick the one that best fits your professional goals. Here are some of the most in-demand Azure credentials:

What is the difference between Azure and AWS?

Nowadays, the leading cloud service providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Both companies provide a variety of cloud services, including storage, hosting, computation, and sophisticated technologies like AI, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Organizations prefer Azure for PaaS and AWS for IaaS, therefore the choice between the two is largely based on business needs.

Do Azure certifications expire?

Any role-based or specialized certification you acquired will expire after one year starting in June 2021. Previously, these credentials were only valid for two years.

Accelerate your business with Microsoft Azure certifications.

Are you ready to elevate your business to the next level? Microsoft Azure certifications can assist you in doing so! By becoming an Azure expert, you will be equipped with the skills and knowledge required to fully leverage the cloud's potential and drive business growth. Azure allows you to build, deploy, and manage apps and services over a global network of Microsoft-managed data centres, giving you the flexibility and scalability you need to meet your business's expectations. So, why wait?  Accelerate your business with Microsoft Azure certifications today and advance your career.

Three reasons to invest in Azure certification training

FAQs for Azure Training

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a Microsoft cloud service that is being used to develop, deploy, test, monitor, and manage applications and services.

Is Azure Course includes an exam voucher?

Yes, this Azure Course includes one exam voucher. You can select whatever course from this programme you want to use the voucher for. However, you may opt for the training only and without the exam.

Can you explain who is an Azure cloud architect?

An Azure cloud architect analyzes and evaluates an organization's needs before making architectural recommendations for implementing and deploying apps on Azure.

For Azure certification, how many attempts are required?