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Best IT Certifications For Starters In 2022

Best IT Certifications For Starters In 2022

An increasing number of people gravitate toward the information technology industry because it exposes them to many fantastic options. Professionals want to use their skill set effectively to have a successful career and make good money.

There is technology everywhere we look. IT specialists are needed across many industries, from start-ups in their early stages to large multinational organizations. Governmental bodies, businesses, financial institutions, and the media are all included.

In addition, as new technologies are developed and as time goes on, the IT landscape changes, creating new skills needs in an understaffed field. Additionally, earnings are pleasing, and successful career routes in IT are open to both degree-holders and non-degree-holders. However, suitable certifications must be obtained to pursue a career in IT.

Individual IT certifications are a practical way to demonstrate your strengths and skills and give you the chance to build a skill set that will help you get the job you want. This list might help you, whether you're looking to start a new IT job or are a working professional looking to upgrade your qualifications.

CompTIA A+

Most Practical Certification All-Around

The CompTIA A+ is one of the most well-known credentials offered. CompTIA specializes in providing professional certifications for the IT industry.

The trade association claims that the A+ certification is the only industry-recognized credential that includes performance testing to show workers' capacity to "fast improvise" when managing critical IT support tasks. The Core 1 and Core 2 tests, which the applicants must pass, are meant to provide IT professionals with the tools they need to support a hybrid workforce.

These programs cover topics like troubleshooting and the increasing use of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Additionally, they address remote diagnostics for standard software, hardware, and communication problems on desktop and mobile devices. Participants in the exam should familiarise themselves with basic ideas such as data management, scripting, cloud virtualization, and IoT device security.

Several well-known international companies use A+, including Intel, Nissan, Ricoh, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HP, and Dell Technologies.

Additionally, for qualified experts, this course may pave the way for some rewarding remote employment options.

CompTIA A+ Training and Certifications

CompTIA Security+

Most suitable for experts who are brand-new to cyber security

The more we rely on technology, the more crucial it is to understand systems security. In particular, security concerns impact IT at every level, regardless of how skilled you are at dealing with them.

CompTIA's Security+ accreditation is essential in preparing for a career in the sector because it will eventually show employers that you have the fundamental skills required to carry out core security functions.

Essential technical skills in enterprise networks, risk assessment and management, forensics, incident response, hybrid and cloud operations, and security controls are covered in the Security+ test. It emphasizes practical skills strongly.

The exam will test your ability to monitor and protect hybrid configurations, such as cloud, mobile, and IoT environments and accurately assess the security of a corporate environment. The exam also imparts knowledge of important laws and ordinances, including governance, risk, and compliance ideas.

According to CompTIA, passing the exam opens up several middle-level security professions and establishes the "basic knowledge necessary of any cyber security profession."

CompTIA Security+ Training and Certifications

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+

As mentioned in the title, the CompTIA Fundamentals certification offers a course made with total beginners in mind. Because a program gives a single certification that covers all IT essentials, it is convenient for people without technical expertise.

If you are not quite ready to embrace the leap with some of the other courses on our list, such as the CompTIA A+, the ITF+ may be a good place to start. It seeks to assist professionals in deciding if an IT job is the best fit for them.

The certification covers a wide range of topics, including IT terminology and ideas that will help you understand the fundamentals of computing and how important data and troubleshooting are. It also goes into great detail about hardware and infrastructure, software and application development, security, and other topics.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Training and Certifications

CompTIA Network+

Fundamentals of IT infrastructure and networking, as well as troubleshooting, operations, tools, and security, are covered by the entry-level certification CompTIA Network+. Junior system engineers, network administrators, system field technicians, IS consultants, and junior network field engineers are the target audience for this degree. Prior to taking the CompTIA A+ exam, you should have at least nine to twelve months of networking experience.

The exam assesses your knowledge of creating and maintaining operational networks, configuring, managing, and maintaining network devices, network security, and network troubleshooting. If you are certain that you want to work closely with IT networks, it is a respected and important certificate that distinguishes you from other entry-level candidates.

CompTIA Network+ Training and Certifications

The Road to Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Cloud Computing

Microsoft's certification program is designed to evaluate learners' knowledge of current technologies in light of the ongoing evolution of technology. The Microsoft Certified Fundamentals exam series is the path to gaining a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing, Microsoft's offerings, and which solutions make the most sense for organizations to invest in. This series of tests provides the beginning point for students pursuing careers in artificial intelligence, data science, and cloud computing. The demand for qualified professionals is not being satisfied, and the gap is expanding as big data and artificial intelligence use increases.

Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals

Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals CRM

Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

Microsoft Training and Certifications

ITIL 4 Foundation

A well-known management strategy for improving team productivity and organizational processes is the ITIL 4 framework from Axelos. The ITIL 4 Foundation certification covers the principles of IT service management as well as best practices for creating, delivering, and improving tech-enabled products and services.

If you want to work in the field of IT service management, this certification is a great place to start. The test covers the ITIL 4 guiding principles, the four service management dimensions, and significant concepts like Lean, Agile, and DevOps.

ITIL 4 Foundation training and certifications

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Ideal For New AWS Professionals

Amazon has taken the initiative to establish itself as one of the leading corporations in the industry with AWS, as the ever-evolving cloud has become an integral component of the contemporary IT landscape. With such an expanding presence, educating IT professionals on its platform and service applications is vital. This is the objective of this core-level course.

AWS recommends certification for those with a rudimentary understanding of AWS Cloud. It addresses the platform's services, security, and compliance, as well as a thorough understanding of its economics.

This course will expand students' knowledge of essential topics such as coding, cloud architecture, debugging, implementation, migration, load and performance testing, and business applications such as Amazon Alexa, Amazon Chime, and Amazon Work Mail. Cloud Concepts, Security and Compliance, Technology, and Billing and Pricing make up the remaining four sections of the exam.

AWS Cloud Certification Training

To become a successful IT professional, you must take a small step, conduct extensive research, and prepare thoroughly. GemRain Consulting may assist you on your journey by providing training as a stepping stone. Visit our website for additional information.


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