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CertNexus: Safeguard Your Network - Mitigate Security Threats

95% of security budgets for organizations will increase over the next two years

Attacks on corporate networks are increasing, putting firms at risk of losing data, money, and goodwill. Keeping your network safe from harm is crucial in today's high-tech business environment. According to a report by Splunk, 95% of security budgets for organizations will increase over the next two years — 56% of them “significantly.”

CertNexus, a dependable cybersecurity training and certification source, fills this void. Businesses may better prepare professionals to detect and prevent network security threats by sending them to CertNexus certification training. In addition to keeping private information safe, this practice inspires confidence in the company among its clientele. Any organization that wants to protect its network and stay ahead of the competition in this age of data leaks and cyberattacks would be well to engage in cybersecurity certification training with CertNexus.


Only on CertNexus can you find modern, independent cybersecurity certificates. Its goal is to provide users and institutions with defences against the ever-changing threats of the internet. Organizations that send their team to CertNexus training courses gain a workforce with the skills and knowledge to thwart cybercriminals. CertNexus's certifications are designed to validate expertise in various cybersecurity domains, including IoT, data science, AI, and data ethics. CertNexus's partnerships with other industry leaders guarantee that its training programs are always up-to-date and helpful, offering businesses peace of mind that their team receives only the best education possible.

Services for Internet Safety from CertNexus

CertNexus' cybersecurity training and certification programs emphasize emerging technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), data science, artificial intelligence, and data ethics. New cybersecurity concerns and challenges exist for businesses as they adopt these technologies. Examples include:

  • The potential for hacking of Internet of Things devices.

  • The accidental disclosure of private data during data science initiatives.

  • The manipulation of artificial intelligence systems to generate false findings.

Companies may provide their team with the know-how to tackle these issues and safeguard their digital assets by sending them through CertNexus's training programs. CertNexus certifications allow professionals to showcase their knowledge of emerging technology while providing an edge for their employers.

Among the many cybersecurity risks and difficulties that businesses must contend with are software supply chain assaults, which aim to exploit any vulnerabilities in an organization's software distribution infrastructure. Many cyberattacks exist, including insider threats, phishing, and ransomware. Cybersecurity best practices and strict adherence to data privacy regulations are essential for protecting firms against cyber attacks and leaks of sensitive information.

Cybersecurity Threats and Challenges

Businesses of all sizes face a growing and frightening problem in the form of cybersecurity attacks. Companies confront a wide variety of risks to their network security, including phishing, ransomware, poorly configured or unpatched systems, credential stuffing, and social engineering.

95% of all breaches are the result of phishing assaults. This type of attack has increased by 65% in the past year. Ransomware is another significant risk after pushing since it encrypts data on a network and then demands payment to unlock it. Ransomware is another significant threat since it encrypts network data and then asks for payment to decrypt it. Yet, data breaches and leaks can result from improper settings and unpatched systems, devastatingly affecting a business's bottom line.

The potential loss of revenue, reputation, and customers due to cybersecurity incidents is genuine. Loss of income and expensive recovery expenses can occur from cyber assaults that cause a corporation to lose critical data and intellectual property.

Businesses might lose a lot to legal fees, fines, and penalties. Worse, cyber assaults can harm a company's brand, leading to a drop in consumer trust and, in turn, sales and revenue as dissatisfied customers look elsewhere. It can also cause the organization to lose customers' trust and reputation if private data is compromised.

Companies worry about cyber security for a good reason; numerous companies using identical protection methods have been hacked. For example, millions of customers' private information were stolen from the health insurance companies Anthem, Premera Blue Cross, and CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield in 2015. Yahoo, meanwhile, had three billion customers' data compromised in a series of attacks between 2013 and 2014.

The personal information of 147 million Equifax consumers was exposed in a data breach in 2017. In 2013, Target experienced a data breach that exposed the sensitive information of 110 million consumers. Last but not least 2018, Marriott experienced a data breach that exposed the details of 500 million customers. No company, big or small, is safe from cyber-attack threats, as seen by all these strikes.


Incident Response For Business Professionals

This certification prepares professionals and organizations to comply with incident reporting regulations and industry frameworks for effective incident response. US-CERT's NCISP and Presidential Policy Directive 41 response methods are also covered. Ideal for those with basic cybersecurity knowledge


Benefits of CertNexus Training and Certification

For working professionals:

CertNexus training and certification can benefit working professionals in emerging technologies. By earning a CertNexus certification, professionals can demonstrate their expertise and differentiate themselves from other job candidates. Here are some specific benefits

Proven Expertise, CertNexus certification holders have demonstrated their knowledge and skills in emerging technologies such as Cybersecurity, IoT, Data Science & AI, which are in high demand by organizations. This can help professionals gain credibility and recognition, leading to career growth and better job opportunities.

Career Advancement Employers often view IT certifications as a sign of an individual's dedication to their profession and willingness to continue learning and upgrading their skills. CertNexus certification can help professionals stand out and qualify for better job roles, higher salaries, and promotion opportunities.

Industry Validation CertNexus certifications are industry-recognized and validate the professional's knowledge and skills in emerging technologies. This can help professionals build trust with their employers, peers, and clients, leading to more significant projects and business opportunities.

Awareness among employees is a growing concern for organizations worldwide. CertNexus offers Cyber Secure Coder certification that covers secure coding practices, and professionals can benefit from this training to safeguard their organization from cyber threats.

Cyber Secure Coder

For organizations:

For organizations, having CertNexus-certified professionals on staff can offer several advantages.

These professionals have the most recent information and abilities to effectively serve their clients and other stakeholders. By maintaining industry standards and enhancing quality and efficiency, these certified professionals can earn customers' trust and help build a strong reputation for the organization.

Having CertNexus-certified professionals on staff can also increase job performance and organizational efficiency. These professionals can bring collective expertise to the organization, improving productivity and effectiveness. Additionally, offering employees professional certification can boost their sense of achievement, increase their salary or status, and provide opportunities for promotion.

Organizations that offer professional certification to their employees can also benefit from increased employee satisfaction and retention rates. Organizations can foster a productive work environment and boost employee loyalty by offering promotions and other chances to advance their careers with the company. CyberSec First Responder is one of the CertNexus certification courses businesses can send professionals. This certification training equips professionals with the skills to effectively respond to cybersecurity incidents, assess threats, reduce vulnerabilities, and implement safeguards. It covers:

  • network defence

  • incident response methods.

  • Aligns with industry frameworks such as NIST 800-61r2, US-CERT's NCIRP, and PPD-41

The course prepares professionals to defend their organization's cybersecurity, making it valuable for companies seeking to enhance their security posture.

Cybersec First Responder


With the increase of complex and frequent cyber threats, it is essential that networks need protection. Companies and organizations that invest in their employees' network security training and certification through CertNexus can benefit significantly from increased protection against cyber threats. This can result in reduced risks of data breaches, reputation damage, and financial loss.

Moreover, by investing in CertNexus training and certification, companies can demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable network infrastructure.

Consider CertNexus training and certification for yourself or your employees to gain the knowledge and skills to keep your network safe. Visit us today or contact us at


What is vendor-neutral certification?

A vendor-neutral certification is a professional certification that is not tied to any specific vendor or technology provider. It validates a person's knowledge and skills in a specific domain or industry without favoring or promoting any particular product or technology.

Vendor-neutral certifications are often regarded as more objective and comprehensive, as they cover a broader range of concepts and principles applicable across multiple vendors and technologies. This allows individuals to demonstrate their expertise and proficiency in a specific field without being limited to a single vendor's products or solutions.

Is vendor-neutral certification like CertNexus is chosen by many?

How long is the validity period for CertNexus certifications?


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