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Invest in your employees and watch your business soar!

Reward your employees with the gift of learning and watch them thrive and drive your business to new heights.

Customized Training
Customized Programs

We help you create a Training Program that delivers EXACTLY the results you're looking for.

Learning Program
Learning Programs

All the courses we have available, whether it's Business, Information Technology or others.

Specialized Engagement
Specialized Engagement

Engage with our Learning Specialists to assist you in all your Learning requirements.


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Learn without limits

Accomplish skill-based objectives through our cutting-edge immersive learning experience

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We offer a wide range of IT training programs, from basic to advanced levels, covering the latest technologies and methodologies. Our flexible training options include in-person, online, and hybrid formats, making it easy for you to choose the one that best fits your schedule and learning style.

Microsoft Custom Developed


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Visual Studio



Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Security



GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

Elevate Your Skills and Knowledge with Generative AI

Unlock the full potential of Generative AI with our comprehensive training program. From mastering cutting-edge techniques to exploring real-world applications, our courses empower you to elevate your skills and knowledge in this transformative field. Join us to embark on a journey of innovation and creativity with Generative AI!

GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

IT Service Management - Evolving to the Next Level

Our training and certification that teaches IT best practices will increase your organization's efficiency and effectiveness.

GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

Learn The Latest Python Techniques and Push Your Skills To The Limit

Learn advanced Python Techniques and best practices in a comprehensive training course to enhance your skills and take on any project or challenge

GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

Honing Your Skills On Microsoft Power Platform

Empower everyone in your organization with a low-code platform that is intuitive, collaborative, and extensible, making it simple to design efficient and flexible solutions.

GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

Strengthen Your Career with CompTIA Certifications

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is the hub for the nearly 75 million people who design, deploy, manage and secure the technology that drives the modern economy. CompTIA provides the tech talent that propels the workforce ahead through collaboration, education, certifications, advocacy, and market research.

GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

Accelerate Business Transformation with Robotic Process Automation Training.

Our specialized trainers have designed innovative training methods to assist ambitious candidates in mastering the skills required to automate tasks and processes using RPA.

GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

Make The Most Out Of Your Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform Investment

Our official Microsoft Azure training courses can help you use your cloud environment to its maximum potential, whether you master basic cloud computing concepts or design and deploy cloud apps. Learn everything from the basics to sophisticated Azure topics.

GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

Defend Your Digital Assets with Cybersecurity Training

From Cybersecurity Engineer to Analyst and Network Engineer, the field is ripe with in-demand job titles. Whether you're just starting out or have advanced experience, there's a cybersecurity role tailored to your skillset.

GRC-103FT Microsoft Power Platform End-To-End Discovery Workshop (Fastrack)

Join the Digital Transformation Revolution with CertNexus Training

CertNexus is a leading provider of vendor-neutral, emerging technology certifications and micro-credentials which offer certifications in key areas such as cybersecurity, big data, artificial intelligence, and internet of things.


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Training course creator

GemRain Training Course Creators focuses on providing cutting-edge, state-of-the-art professional development courses and programs! We will create a training program that is tailored to your exact requirements. Or will work with you in a creative way on the subject of your competence.

Our team of expert instructors has years of experience in the field, and they bring their real-world knowledge and expertise into the classroom to provide an unparalleled learning experience. Whether you are looking to expand your skill set, enhance your career opportunities, or improve the performance of your organization, we have the solutions you need.

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Let's get started

When you engage with us, you'll experience our commitment to delivering swift and professional responses to your IT training requests. We prioritize our clients' time, ensuring that you won't have to wait for a prolonged period. Our clients trust us because we consistently exceed their expectations, delivering superior results that put us ahead of the competition. Let us show you why we're the preferred choice for IT training.

So why wait? Contact us, your IT training provider today to learn more about our customized IT training solutions and experience our unparalleled response times firsthand. Let us help you achieve your learning goals and take your skills to new heights.


Data Science with Python

What initially made us choose Gemrain's training was its comprehensive syllabus which we identified would bring benefit to our programmers. Gemrain gains plus points for being helpful and contactable throughout the HRDF application process. The trainer that they have engaged is also of great quality, dedicated and able to cater to any gaps that we have among our diversed group of participants. There was attention to detail right to whether the accent of foreign trainer was clear. The administration was complete, leaving us without any doubts. Recommended and would definitely return for future training. Good job!

Hooi E-Wen

Operation Manager, Eftech Drilling Solutions Sdn Bhd

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