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GemRain 2022 Business Review

A company business review is a terrific way for both the company and the team members to understand the achievements, progress, and future plans. This is precisely what GemRain did on the 29th and 30th of December 2022.

The Business Review was done at, Summer Residence @ Genting Sempah

GemRain held its first company business review event at a beautiful mansion overlooking the Genting empire in Genting Sempah. Before the event, all team members were given a list of items to present, including past performances, challenges, and future strategies. Each member was assigned tasks contributing to the retreat's success, such as booking the venue, purchasing food and drinks, and organizing transportation. On the 29th, all team members arrived at the Summer Residence at 2 pm, where they were served lunch before the business review commenced. Gerald Hoong, CEO and Master Trainer of GemRain, inaugurated the business review event. He thanked the team for their efforts in 2022 and outlined the organization's intentions for the following year. Randy Lee, our Lead Associate, took the floor after him and gave a thorough analysis of the business's performance in the previous year and a rundown of the rewards and advantages that will be supplied in 2023.

Noriana, our Corporate Administrator, presented her accomplishments in 2022 and her goals for the company. Connie Chin, Business Development Associate at GemRain, also gave the sales team's figures, achievements, challenges, and plans for 2023. Following their presentations, it was decided that the event would continue with a barbecue and dinner, with the remaining team member presentations scheduled for the following morning.

Evening Activity

The evening session was filled with fun and entertainment. The barbecue was being set up, and several types of meat, including lamb, chicken, beef, and seafood, were served. Everyone took turns cooking the meat and enjoyed the delicious barbecue menu. After dinner, the team played dice games and had a wonderful time, even though some members were new to the game and made some comical mistakes. The group spent some time discussing any issues or challenges that the business is facing, such as difficulties with recruiting or retaining top talent, any challenges with managing customer relationships, or other operational issues. It is important to identify the root causes of these issues and to discuss potential solutions.

The next day

All GemRain team members gathered again on the second day of the event to complete the business review. James Lim, Business Development Associate, gave a presentation in the morning outlining his achievements, difficulties, and objectives for 2023. Then Puven, the executive in charge of digital marketing, shared his thoughts and observations.

According to our internal survey, there is increasing demand for Cybersecurity and ITIL expertise. GemRain, the leader in client satisfaction, will be at the forefront of this trend by offering advanced courses in these in-demand fields. You can refer to GemRain's blog on Cybersecurity to understand the importance of cybersecurity courses and certifications. The business review event was concluded with a presentation by Randy Lee on GemRain's 2023 employee incentive, which boosted morale and enthusiasm among the team.

Read "What is ITIL and why must you have ITIL certification in 2023" to understand why ITIL is rising in organizations. After a productive morning of discussions, the team enjoyed a delicious light lunch before tidying up the space. Recharged and refreshed, they returned home feeling ready to tackle whatever next year had in store.

The Wrap-Up

The business review allowed all team members from different departments and levels to collaborate and contribute to the business's success. The event enabled everyone to set clear goals and objectives and create an open and inclusive environment for discussion and brainstorming. Here are some photographs and a video displaying the highlights of GemRain's 2022 Business Review event.

New Year Promotions

1. During the business review event, GemRain also decided to roll out a few promotions. The first is to give away an RM100 promotion voucher for those who sign up for our courses through our website. Details are as below:

2. Bring in the new year energetically! As we take stock of our achievements from the previous year, GemRain is thrilled to present you with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to further your career. You'll learn new abilities and information for a fraction of the price with a massive RM2,000 discount on our internal soft skill training. Don't pass up this special opportunity to start the new year off right. For further details, see the image below!

3. FREE EXCEL TRAINING! Our current promotion involves free excel training. When you register for selected in-house classes (minimum 10 participants), you will receive a Free 1-whole day in-house Excel class (up to 20 participants). Sounds great, right? Contact us now at



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