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What Are The Differences Between Agile And Scrum?

Scrum And Agile


Scrum is a methodology for addressing complex adaptive challenges while producing and delivering high-value solutions in a productive and creative manner.

Roles In Scrum

Roles In Scrum

Product Owner

The requirements are managed by the product owner. He or she also serves as a liaison between clients, the company, and the team. Meanwhile, the product owner is in charge of keeping track of the product backlog.

Scrum Master

The person in charge of ensuring that the process runs smoothly and without hiccups. Scrum Master removes any roadblocks that have a direct or indirect impact on the company's productivity.

Scrum Team

The scrum team is made up of cross-functional and self-organizing individuals that are dedicated to producing and testing the product. A perfect team size would be between five and nine persons.

Scrum Flow/Artifact

  1. Product Backlog

  2. Sprint Planning

  3. Backlog Refinement

  4. Daily Scrum

  5. Sprint Review

  6. Sprint Retrospective

Agile vs Scrum

Agile And Scrum Differences


Agile is a methodology/approach that helps us iterate on processes in the Software Development Life Cycle, such as development, testing, and so on. This methodology has proven to have various advantages, including the ability to provide high-value features in short delivery cycles, which was previously an issue with the traditional waterfall approach.

Customer retention and satisfaction are aided by Agile. This is accomplished by splitting down the product into smaller units/builds, allowing the activities to run concurrently. Agile encourages teamwork and face-to-face communication.

Principles of Agile

Agile Implementation

Agile implementation

Sum It Up

The Agile methodology is one of the most effective and efficient methods for moving your company forward, implementing, and delivering value. This paradigm has been adopted by a number of large software organizations throughout the world in order to achieve digital transformation.

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