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Why Should You Go For Lean Six Sigma Certifications

Lean Six Sigma

Understanding and applying Six Sigma as a technique will help you prove your business knowledge and increase your reputation. As a result, including a Six Sigma Certification on your CV is the ideal way to demonstrate your competence.

If you're looking for Six Sigma Certification on the internet, all these discussions about green and black belts can be confusing if they aren't presented fully. So, here's an article that will teach you all there is to know about Six Sigma Certification.

What is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma is a statistical tool and principle-based methodology for discovering flaws or variances in a project management process. You can demonstrate your skill in studying and implementing this approach by earning an authorized certification. This certification will help you advance in your profession and make you a more appealing resource in any industry.

How many levels of Six Sigma Certifications are there?

This certification comprises five levels, each with a name that corresponds to a martial arts certification grade. White Belt is the lowest degree of certification, while Master Black Belt is the highest skill level.

The following is a list of all Six Sigma certification levels:

1. Six Sigma White Belt

This level is ideal for novices, as it covers the fundamentals of the Six Sigma methodology. It can be helpful for people who want to learn more about how this technique can affect a company.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

2. Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The Yellow Belt takes it a step further by granting an understanding of the details of Six Sigma and its applications. This level equips you to identify processes and operations that reduce revenue. With the Six Sigma Yellow Belt, you'll be prepared to assist teams working on more significant problem-solving initiatives.

3. Six Sigma Green Belt

A Green Belt is excellent for professionals who wish to acquire process improvement through statistical approaches and build advanced problem-solving skills. Green Belt certified professionals are capable of handling small initiatives while assisting larger enterprises with data collecting and analysis.

4. Six Sigma Black Belt

You can become a certified Six Sigma leader within your company if you have a Black Belt. This level of certification not only marks you as a change agent but also improves your job prospects.

Professionals with a Black Belt qualification can also work as coaches and advisors within an organization, advising management and staff on how to improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

5. Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The Master Black Belt degree is the pinnacle of Six Sigma certification. It is the pinnacle of this system and necessitates a tremendous level of devotion. A trained Master Black Belt has remarkable leadership qualities when directing significant initiatives. Green and Black Belts can also be coached and mentored by these experts.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Why Should You Become Lean Six Sigma Certified?

Being Six Sigma certified might lead to lucrative job prospects, but that isn't the only benefit of this qualification. Here are some reasons to devote your time and effort to get a Six Sigma Certification:

  • Career Advancement Many companies in their processes are using the six sigma methodology. Professionals with excellent financial management and risk assessment skills are in high demand across industries.

  • Contribute to Organizational Success A trained Six Sigma professional can improve corporate processes while maintaining quality improvement and adhering to industry standards. As a result, they contribute to higher profitability and customer satisfaction through process improvement. Certified Six Sigma personnel can influence not just the performance of individual projects but also the overall success of an organization.

  • Lead Your Organization’s Risk Reduction and Error Elimination Efforts Six Sigma is an industry-neutral methodology that equips a professional with the abilities needed to assess and quantify any project's financial rewards and risks, large or small. You'll also learn how to recognize, evaluate and regulate operational processes' faults to reduce them.

Final Thoughts

If any of the above reasons for being certified appeal to you, you should begin your Six Sigma Certification training immediately! The certification will not only make you a great asset to your company, but it will also provide you with infinite career advancement prospects in a variety of industries. Contact us in GemRain Consulting to get more information and a training calendar to schedule your training with us.

Lean Six Sigma Training & Certifications


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