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5 Benefits of Renewing Your Microsoft Certification

5 Benefits Of Renewing Your Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Certification demonstrates your particular skills and knowledge. However, modern technologies are evolving at a rate that no one could have predicted; therefore, certification renewal is necessary to stay updated. Microsoft Certification Renewal is a simple operation that can be performed by anyone, as it involves a straightforward procedure. Let's discuss the procedure, benefits, and requirements for MS certification renewal.

The Benefits of Microsoft Certification Renewal

Microsoft certification is essential for proving your skills and advancing your career, whether you've just begun your IT career or are now a seasoned professional. One certification is insufficient; professionals must acquire the next level to demonstrate mastery and maintain their abilities as technology evolves. Here are the five reasons why your organization and you must maintain currency and timely certification renewal.

Invest in Microsoft certification to improve employee retention

A certified workforce shows that a firm has IT specialists that are prepared to face future problems. For Professionals, adding talent is secondary to demonstrating their credibility to the firm. Therefore, employees and companies share a commitment to growth and learning.

Extend business via partner initiatives

Businesses require a certain number or proportion of team members to be certified in order to provide partner consultations and services. It gives your company partner confidence in your business acumen and guarantees a certain degree of customer service.

Enhance your employee's trustworthiness using fundamental abilities.

A recognized expert has specialized knowledge and expertise in their subject. Therefore, certified employees are a professional workforce that is familiar with contemporary technology.

Certification or re-certification will yield favorable rewards.

The following advantages accrue to businesses that engage in worker certification:

  • Closed IT skill gap

  • Reduce time spent troubleshooting problems

  • Accelerating project completion

  • Productivity enhanced

  • Services and products are produced more quickly.

  • Gain a competitive advantage over rivals

  • Fulfil client needs

  • Reduced staff attrition

Maintain your market position

Many organizations are obliged to obtain annual recertification. The certification and recertification of their staff assist them in enhancing their skills and remaining current with the latest technologies.

Microsoft Training and certifications

Why Should Your Microsoft Certification Be Renewed?

Any Microsoft role-based or specialized certification is valid for one year. And after one year, you can renew your certification without taking an online exam, says Microsoft. There is a free exam available on Microsoft Learn. You must pass this examination to maintain and expand the validity of your certification. Here are five reasons why certification renewal is crucial:

  • It covers significant technological advances

  • Renew your Microsoft certification in your own time and for free.

  • It certifies your knowledge and skills regarding the most recent technological advancements that have an impact on your employment role.

  • It facilitates continuous learning

  • The advantages of Microsoft validation via digital social badges on LinkedIn.

What are the renewal requirements for Microsoft Certification?

  • If you are Microsoft Certified with a role-based or specialized certification, your certification will expire within six months or fewer, and you are therefore eligible for certification renewal.

  • Register with Microsoft Learn and take the exam at any time prior to the expiration of your current certification.

  • In order to develop your knowledge and skills, you must pass your certification exam. You cannot renew credentials by bypassing other tests, even if the exam version has been updated.

Procedures for Renewing Microsoft Certification

  • Sign into your Microsoft account and navigate to the Certification Dashboard page. Then, determine whether certifications are expiring or up for renewal.

  • If you are eligible for certification renewal, you receive an email with instructions for completing the test on Microsoft Learn.

  • To prepare for this exam, visit the Microsoft Certification renewal page and review the self-guided learning modules.

  • After passing the exam, your certification will be extended for one year beyond its current expiration date.

Microsoft Custom-Developed Course

Why Should You Choose GemRain Consulting as Your Learning Partner?

GemRain Consulting believes that strengthening your knowledge will improve your future. We help numerous organizations in adopting technology and obtaining certification in their respective fields. Here is a list of reasons why GemRain Consulting should be your preferred learning partner.

  • GemRain Consulting is an authorized Microsoft Certified Learning Partner. We provided training on numerous Microsoft products, including Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Security, and many more.

  • Our instructors are all Microsoft Certified Trainers.

  • The courses offered by GemRain Consulting range from foundation to advanced and cover every aspect of learning, including Data & AI, Apps & Infrastructure, and Modern Workplaces.

  • If you are looking for a Microsoft Power Platform series training that is not the "follow-the-book" or "read-the-instruction-manual" type, you may check out our Custom-Developed Course (CDC). These are courses that our Master Trainer developed throughout his years of experience in training the official Microsoft courseware. He had compiled all questions and feedback commonly asked in all of his different pieces of training and crafted this 100% hands-on style workshop series. This ensures all attendees share the same real-world experiences that our Master Trainer evangelized all these years. Most of our clients thoroughly enjoyed this variety of training and had broadly endorsed them. Our CDC courses are conducted in a workshop format, which is training based entirely on instructor-led hands-on driven classes. Our trainers thoroughly guide and perform hands-on lab exercises with the attendees to give them the maximum learning experience possible.


Why Custom-Developed Course?

Is it worthwhile to obtain a Microsoft certificate?

What are the advantages of Microsoft certification?


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