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Businesses May Now Create Secure & Modern Websites With Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft has announced that their Power Apps portals would be rebranded as Power Pages. The business also announced several new capabilities for its Power Platform, making it easier for developers to create modern and secure applications rapidly. This low-code, scalable, and secure solution empowers you to construct business-centric websites fast and efficiently, whether you're a low-code creator or a professional developer.

Microsoft Power Pages is a platform for building, customizing, and publishing business-focused web pages and apps that engage customers and partners. Developers can use the Power Pages Design studio to create websites from the ground up using text, photos, videos, and business data forms and lists for desktop and mobile devices.

There are also several pre-built Power Pages business solution templates for scenarios like managing registration, scheduling, and application submission.

Launch business websites quickly and with confidence.

Designing, styling, configuring, and publishing modern company websites is simple with the Design Studio. Design your web pages with text, video, graphics, business data forms and lists, and more by starting from scratch or using one of the ready-to-use templates. The Templates Hub has fully functional websites with demo data, allowing you to get a head start on handling scheduling, registration, application submission, and other tasks. Learn how to develop websites, model and visualize business data, deal with code components, and set up sites with the Learn Hub's guides, tutorials, and fast videos.

Using Microsoft Dataverse, a smart, safe, and scalable low-code data platform, securely collect and share business information with site visitors. Power Pages is an online application firewall that operates on Microsoft Azure and connects to Dataverse to provide powerful encryption, rich role-based access controls (RBAC), and support for Microsoft Azure Front Door and other web application firewalls. Microsoft Azure DDoS Protection covers the most common web security flaws.

Using JavaScript, Liquid templates, code components, and web APIs develop enhanced features in Power Pages with Visual Studio Code. Professional developers can use these solutions to interact with underlying business data securely and construct custom business logic without leaving their favourite developer tools. Developers can also use the Microsoft Power Platform command-line interface to download and submit customization projects.

Next, Microsoft is releasing a public preview of a Learn centre that includes step-by-step guidelines, videos, tutorials, and resources for developers. Microsoft Power Pages now includes new Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Visual Studio connections.

According to Microsoft, enterprises can also use role-based access controls and Azure to secure their websites. Finally, the Microsoft Dataverse platform now allows users to capture and share sensitive data with site visitors securely.

Power Pages

The Power Apps Express Design option is also a huge deal. With this, any design input – such as a PDF file, Figma drawings, or even a hand-drawn design – can now be fed into Power Apps and turned into a fully functional app with working controls and data storage. You can expand the number of displays available by contributing new photographs to the program. This should make moving from the design stage to a working app easier than before.

Microsoft also unveiled Power Virtual Agents 2.0, the latest version of the Power Platform's simplified bot building tool. This new version combines Power Virtual Agents' easy low-code capabilities with the complex features of the Azure Bot Framework Composer (for pro-code users), resulting in a unified experience for all types of developers. Power Virtual Agents' design canvas now contains all-new features, such as the option to switch between graphical and code views, as well as support for multi-media answers, which allows bots to transmit images, videos, adaptable cards, and more.

Power Virtual Agents

Another new feature in Power BI is Datamart, which makes it easier to create datasets with data from several sources. Datamart pulls data from a variety of sources and automatically creates a dataset that can be used to create reports using Power Query.

Microsoft also announced hosted RPA (robotic process automation) bots, which allow for cloud-based process automation. RPA bots that are hosted (or unmanaged) can be developed using a few simple settings and hosted in Azure virtual machines, scaling as needed for different RPA situations. It's also unnecessary to have an Azure membership to use this service.

Finally, Microsoft has updated the Power Automate Embed SDK to make it easier for ISVs to incorporate Power Automate capabilities into their own programs. In addition, Microsoft is providing a pay-as-you-go option for Power Automate, allowing ISVs to pay for Power Automate on behalf of their clients, similar to how Azure works. The Technical Embed SDK is available for testing right now, but more details on the pay-as-you-go strategy will be revealed at Microsoft Inspire in July.


What is Power Pages?

Power Pages, which is part of Microsoft Power Network, helps businesses create low-code, external-facing websites with corporate data that are hosted on a secure platform.

Who is Power Pages designed for?

Power Pages is available in which regions?

What's the difference between Power Pages and Power Apps Portals?


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