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Eight Well-known Companies That Use Python Programming

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Eight Well-known Companies That Use Python Programming

In 2022, Python was the most popular programming language. Thanks to Python development, businesses can create scalable, intricate, high-performance solutions.

Python, a straightforward but robust programming language, allows for versatile application creation. It is productive, effective, and open-source. Nearly every enterprise software development company nowadays provides Python in some capacity.

Python has applications across a variety of business sectors. Some everyday use cases for Python application development include data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

Today, every business—startup or enterprise—considers using Python app development for data-based apps. Python makes coding applications simpler because it is akin to the English language. Given its simplicity of use, any Python development business would advocate the programming language.

The eight best examples of Python programming will be highlighted in this post. The list includes businesses of various sizes that use Python as part of their technology stack.

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8 Best Python Programming Examples

Thousands of businesses use Python to create apps. They work in many different sectors, including FinTech, HealthTech, E-commerce, Supply Chain, New Economy, Real Estate, Social Networking, and numerous more. The largest beneficiaries of Python development services are some of the biggest platforms and IT firms around the globe.

Here are the top 8 best Python programming examples to know:


  • In an ideal world, Google requires almost no introduction. Whether it's your web crawler, internet browser, or both, it's safe to assume that you're using a Google product.

  • The world's most widely used video-sharing website, YouTube, is powered by Python.

  • Along with C++, Java, and Go, Python is one of Google's real server-side programming languages. Python has been an essential part of Google since its inception and continues to be so as technology improves and progresses, according to Peter Norvig, head of Google testing at Google and former overseer of search quality.


  • Python is the most well-known language at the online entertainment company, thanks to the production engineers at Facebook who are extraordinarily enthusiastic about it.

  • Over 5,000 commits have been made, mainly in Facebook's utilities and services, monitoring framework, binary dispersion, equipment imaging, and functional automation.

  • Because Python libraries are so user-friendly, production engineers don't have to write or maintain as much code, freeing them up to concentrate on pushing updates live.


  • This music streaming service is a massive supporter of Python and mainly uses it for back-end functions and data analysis. The services are written in Python because Spotify enjoys how quickly the development pipeline moves when writing and coding in Python.

  • Spotify relies on massive research to provide its consumers with ideas and recommendations. Spotify uses Luigi, a Python tool that communicates with Hadoop, to interpret these.

  • Spotify uses more than 6000 different Python processes working together across the Hadoop cluster's nodes.


  • Similar to Spotify, Netflix uses Python and relies on the language to control its server-side data analysis. However, it doesn't end there. Since Netflix started allowing developers to choose the language they want to write their code in, Python applications have significantly increased.

  • The standard library, the vibrant Python community, and the wide range of third-party libraries are all mentioned by Netflix engineers when discussing how to solve practically any problem.

  • Python has also become crucial in many of Netflix's other services because it is so easy to write.

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning with Python


  • Python is used at the lower levels of Uber, a large global company that lets you book rides to your destinations. Node.js, Java, and Go are all used. Python continues to power most of its users' services, including the business logic and all the estimations.

  • This covers the intermediate and advanced levels, such as calculating ETA, ride routes, identifying the geo-areas, and gauging demand and supply.

  • Uber claims to use Tornado with Python but commonly switches to Go to get higher concurrency throughput.


  • This massive, widely attended Q&A session gave thought to the language they should employ to carry out their concept. The creators of Quora followed Google's example and chose to use Python whenever possible because of how easy it is to write helpful code. They used C++ for the presentation of fundamental topics.

  • By developing unit tests that accomplish many of the same goals as type checking, they could work around Python's lack of type checking. The availability of a few good frameworks at the time, such as Django and Pylons, was another important factor in the decision to use Python.


  • Python makes up the entirety of Dropbox's software stack, allowing you to save your images, audio recordings, documents, and archives on the cloud.

  • Rossum, the creator of Python, joined Dropbox in 2012 after being persuaded by Dropbox to do so. Rossum oversaw them working there as an expert and helped the Python developers with spreading datastores. It can be shared with the Dropbox people team members.

  • Since many of Dropbox's libraries aren't open-source, it isn't easy to assess how heavily they rely on Python. Still, it is clear from many meetings with their developers that a sizable portion of their server-side code is written in Python.


  • Instagram is an online entertainment platform from Facebook, Inc. for sharing photos and videos. One of the most well-known companies that use Python in conjunction with Django is Instagram, which has just adopted Python.

  • Python's productivity, simplicity, and common sense are great arguments for Instagram's choice of programming language. These details are of utmost significance for any successful organization.

  • Engineers can focus on the right components because it is an "amicable" language. Instagram considered switching to PHP, but after some thought, they realized Python would be more helpful.

Python Programming Training

Aside from the businesses mentioned above, Python is used in hundreds of other well-known enterprises' technology stacks. Other Python programming businesses include Reddit, Pinterest, NASA, and Lyft.

Implementing Python requires experts who know their way around Python. GemRain Consulting is a training organization that can train enterprises and startups with Python development. Contact us to set up a meeting with our Python experts trainer and book your Python training with us now.

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