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The Evolution of Academic Learning to Industrially-Prepared Skilling for the Job Market

The Evolution of Academic Learning to Industrially-Prepared Skilling for the Job Market

The education courses delivered by universities are conceived to educate students about the knowledge they need in their developmental advancements. Today, students are still presented with the profound challenge of being unconfident and partially prepared for the job market. They do not have what it takes to shine among the rest or even fit into their job roles quickly when they are assigned a position. They need the extra advantage to help make amends for their lacklustre.

The term "industrial-prep" suggests training similar to that offered in universities; however, this training is far from the standard because it covers everything students need to know before entering the professional world, where hands-on experience is valued above theoretical knowledge. Professional instructors, cutting-edge teaching approaches, and hands-on expertise are available at GemRain. GemRain is fully aware of these considerations' significance in shaping a student's professional future.

GemRain's training programs are tailored to meet the demand of today's job market, increasing the likelihood that you'll find a position after graduation. Prospectively, the training programs also qualify students to undertake associated certification exams, which would adequately arm them with industry recognition poising them to their relevant job position.

Current unemployment rates are high, and recent university graduates often lack the expertise necessary to find work in their field. This is because the college education level does not match the industry requirements. Our "Industrial-Prep For Academics" came into existence to bridge the gap between the theoretical and the practical industrial world.

Industrial-Prep for Academics

Our GR-IPA series of courses are specially crafted to prepare the students with the necessary competencies of different technologies such as Microsoft, Python, and many more. Students can benefit from GemRain's GR-IPA because it equips them with the skills they'll need to maintain their credibility once they enter the technology industry. Furthermore, GR-IPA broadens students' expertise in their chosen technology, making them better prepared to succeed in today's challenging job market.

To ensure that all of GemRain's GR-IPA training programs are up to par with the industry's standards, they have all been designed, revised, and updated to include the latest and relevant information to industry standards. Each course of the chosen technology consists of theoretical background and practical experience to fully equip students with the skills necessary to master the subject.

Once the student has completed the GR-IPA in GemRain and optionally passed the associated exam, they will receive a professional certificate recognized globally by the technology principals.

To address the challenges, the government has prepared a budget to help final-year university students or graduates who have yet to obtain a job placement to train and equip them with the necessary industrial skills, strengthening their competencies and increasing their marketability. This is where the Penjana KPT-PACE and Penjana KPT-CAP programs come into the picture.


What are the courses that are offered under GR-IPA?

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