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Your Guide to Power Platform Certifications in 2023

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

What is Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft's Power Platform is a set of applications that allows you to automate processes, build solutions, analyze data, and create virtual agents. Using these applications gives you the ability to control virtual data centers in a way that was not possible until recently. There are four products under the Microsoft Power Platform:

  • Power BI – Used to analyze data from different data sources

  • Power Apps – Used to build powerful mobile apps for internal use by the organization

  • Power Automate – Used to design automated workflows to reduce manual tasks

  • Power Virtual Agents – Used to develop flexible chatbots that can communicate with external customers

Why do organizations use Microsoft's Power Platform?

Microsoft Power Platform is the most cost-effective and upmarket business suite which empowers an organization's business users to be completely immersed into the new age of digitalization of processes and teamwork

Organizations encourage and send employees to Power Platform training to expose employees to the different types of platforms and how can these apps help the organizations revamp their operations in accordance with the current technology.

Employees will be able to convert the knowledge learned to practical implications. A Power Platform certified employee will be able to create fully customizable applications with no need for coding whatsoever. The platform enables more innovative business apps to be developed faster, with a greater focus on productivity, flexibility, and user experience.

Coca-Cola, H&M, KPMG, and PLUS are some of the giant organizations using Microsoft's Power Platform.

Why get certified? Because organizations and businesses are hiring professionals with Microsoft certifications.

Microsoft certifications are in demand, and they're highly valued by employers. In fact, more than 70% of hiring managers say they prefer candidates with Microsoft certifications over those who don't have them.

And the reason is simple: Microsoft certifications are aligned with the market's real needs. This allows you to come up with solutions that are going to significantly help your organization to get the best out of the platform. You can develop applications that are more innovative and flexible, which will help your organization to be more competitive in the marketplace.

How to get certified?

1. Visit Microsoft Official's webpage

The first thing to do when you want to sit for an exam for power platform certification is to go to Microsoft's official website to get the necessary exam information. You will find a wealth of material on this website to aid in your exam preparation.

In addition, you will discover information regarding the registration procedure. The official website provides information about exam procedures, prices, and curriculum subjects. You may also learn about the various study resources to aid with your Microsoft exam preparation.

Besides, you need to know whether you want to develop a platform for e-commerce, mobile apps, or even enterprise applications. One of the basic Microsoft Power Platform certifications is Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals. Once you have attended this power platform training, you will be prepared to take the examination. GemRain is delighted to offer our PL-900T00: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals course with:

  • FREE certification exam voucher (Worth RM278)

  • Selected e-books (Worth RM380)

  • Cheatsheets

  • FREE 3-hour certification exam preparation class conducted by our master trainer (Worth RM750)

All these freebies are worth RM1,408!

This course helps you get started using the Power Platform and begin pursuing a career in data and analytics. If you’re a student or a beginning technical professional, this Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification can accelerate your progress and give your career a boost.

The Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant certification is a credential to be owned for those who want an upgrade from Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification. This Power Platform training provides expertise for creating and configuring apps, automation, and solutions. Attendees will learn skills needed to improve applications, custom user experiences, convert data, and integrates system.

2. Understand the exam course objective

You must understand the exam objectives before moving on to the training course. You must be aware of what the exam entails. The official website provides detailed information on exam subjects. Before selecting study resources to prepare for your test, it is beneficial to comprehend the exam themes. An example, to be a certified Microsoft Power Platform App Maker, you would have to understand the course objectives before deciding on the certification. When you attend this power platform course and pursue the certification, you would be validating skills pertaining to how to design apps and automate workflows, and analyze and visualize data in the context of an app or automated workflow.

A certified Microsoft Power Platform App Maker would also be able to implement and manage apps and automated workflow.

3. Enroll in the training course Once you have decided which Power Platform certification you want to obtain, enroll for the training course. GemRain has plenty of Power Platform training available for both private and public classes. Our trainers are Microsoft Certified Trainers who have vast experience in the training field. Attending these trainings will help you gain more insightful information regarding the course, enabling you to pass the exam easily and get your certification.

4. Use Practice Tests

Taking up practice tests for the course you want to be certified is a great way to get yourself familiarized with the structure of the exam and how to approach the various types of questions. You will also be able to identify which part you are good at and which part you need more understanding of.

Once you have followed all these steps, getting a certification in Power Platform should be easy. As a Power Platform certified professional, you can guide your colleagues and people in your organization on how to utilize Power Platform to its maximum potential. You can also help people understand how to use the platform and its features better, which will make your company more productive. Below are some of the Power Platform certifications that are valuable for most organizations

As a certified Microsoft Power Platform Developer, you will be able to develop and enhance customer solutions. This Power Platform course combines technical, business, and leadership skills Designing and building emerging solutions with new features and functionality will also be your expertise once you have been certified.

In order to obtain the Microsoft Power Platform Developer Associate credential, you should have development experience that includes JavaScript, JSON, TypeScript, C#, HTML, .NET, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, RESTful Web Services, ASP.NET, and Power BI. Click here to learn more and enroll today.

This Microsoft Power BI certification allows you to get insights without a mess. Power BI delivers insights from your data without the complexity. As a certified Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst, you will be able to get advanced reports and discover new patterns in your data to make more confident business decisions for your organization. With Power BI, you can do more with your organization's data; from the boardroom to the call center, across the office, and around the world. GemRain is pleased to offer our PL-300T00: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst course with:

  • FREE certification exam voucher (Worth RM278)

  • Selected e-books (Worth RM380)

  • Cheatsheets

  • FREE 3-hour certification exam preparation class conducted by our master trainer. (Worth RM750)

All these freebies are worth RM1,408!

Are you feeling frustrated with tedious and repetitive tasks that disrupt your work flow and take up your valuable time? Look no further than Power Automate, the solution that can help automate manual tasks with minimal effort, allowing you to work hands-off and focus on more important tasks.

By obtaining the Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer certification, you will gain an understanding of various types of automation and how to effectively implement them into your business processes. This certification will equip you with the knowledge and skills to automate repetitive tasks and extract data from multiple sources using Microsoft Power Automate, a powerful RPA tool.

As technology continues to evolve, it's more important than ever to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements. With the Power Platform Certifications, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of the Microsoft Power Platform and how it can be leveraged to optimize business processes and drive productivity.

Whether you're interested in becoming a Power Apps Developer, a Power Automate RPA Developer, or a Power Platform Functional Consultant, there's a certification that's perfect for you. Our expertly crafted training programs cover all aspects of the Power Platform, including app development, process automation, and data analysis.

So why wait? Sign up for our Power Platform certifications today and join the ranks of top-tier tech professionals who are driving innovation and success in today's fast-paced digital landscape.


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