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DAX on Power BI


This one-day express training is designed to target participants with basic skills of Microsoft Power BI and extend them with the necessary knowledge of Data Analysis Expression (DAX). They will be able to learn how to create calculation elements in Power BI using the DAX language, such as calculated columns, measures, and calculated tables.


After completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the basic features of the DAX language

  • Write formulas for common and slightly more advanced scenarios


Attendees of this workshop are only required to have basic Microsoft Excel formulas knowledge and understand the basic functionalities of Microsoft Power BI.


Module 1: Introduction to DAX

  • What is DAX?

  • Data types in DAX

  • Calculated columns

  • Measures

  • Aggregate functions

  • Logical functions

  • Mathematical functions

  • Variables

Module 2: Table Functions

  • FILTER function

  • ALL function

  • ALLEXCEPT function

  • DISTINCT function

  • VALUES function

  • ISEMPTY function


  • Table relationships

Module 3: Contexts in DAX

  • Evaluation contexts

  • Filter contexts

  • Row contexts

  • Filtering many columns

  • Filter arguments in CALCULATE

  • FILTER and CROSSFILTER functions

  • HASONEVALUE function

  • ALLSELECTED function

Module 4: The Power of The CALCULATE Function

  • Introduction to the CALCULATE function

  • CALCULATE examples

  • Filter is a table representative

  • OR conditions in CALCULATE

  • Clear filters on one column only

  • Example: Ratios and Percentages

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