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Integrate Teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Integrate Teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Apps

It's challenging to become familiar with all the tools and technologies required to carry out your job tasks, let alone use your tech stack to its full potential. That's why it's so helpful when programmes collaborate to make your job easier. Enter the Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 applications.

These business and productivity apps are designed to operate together fluidly and natively, making it easy to go from one to the other throughout the day—sometimes without opening another screen. The unique integration benefits of Dynamics 365 apps—specifically Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Business Central—and their link to Microsoft Teams are on show today. Teams is powerful business productivity, collaboration, and organizational program on their own. Still, when combined with these other apps, it's nothing short of a game-changer for your staff to get their work done faster, better, and more collaboratively.

Teams allow you to arrange your business into departments, projects, and other groupings. Each team may then manage and save documents, communicate, and collaborate. Use Teams meetings to video call both internal and external people and text chat with anybody in the organization. In Teams, you may edit documents remotely with your colleagues and monitor the changes in real-time. Create top-of-the-page tabs for your team, such as a general Files tab from a SharePoint site, a Project files tab, a Power BI dashboard tab, etc.

Teams may access via a browser, desktop software, or mobile app, enabling collaboration from anywhere and in any form. Join a Teams meeting from your mobile device on your morning train commute, and rest sure that you'll have all the tools to participate fully in meetings or talk with a coworker when you're not at your desk.

Let's look at how Teams integrations can help you get more out of your Dynamics 365 apps.


The Sales interface with Teams allows you to call prospects right from the app, which has several advantages. First, before the meeting, you can review previous transcripts and highlights of previous contacts to refresh your memory of the situation. Furthermore, dialling from the Sales app eliminates the need to switch screens to see client information—all it's right there in front of you, along with buttons to mute yourself, end the call, and so on. Finally, your call generates a rich call report summary based on the same profound insight you gained before your meeting. You can arrange a future call or take additional steps to follow up. It's critical to be relevant before, during, and after client contacts, and it's never been easier or more convenient.


The integration between Teams and Dynamics 365 Marketing makes it simple to collaborate without ever leaving the customer journey canvas or email editor. You may tag coworkers in Teams chat directly from the Marketing interface to ask them a question or chat about content design or language. You may choose which entities (Emails, Segments, Journeys, and so on) chat appears on, and adding or removing persons from the conversation is simple.

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Embedded Teams chat also accessible in Dynamics 365 Client Service, allowing agents to communicate with anybody in their business to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues without leaving the case or conversation. These discussions will be directly linked to the customer service record, providing a complete picture of the customer's experience. AI will propose other representatives who have dealt with similar circumstances within the chat, allowing you to identify and contact your resources quickly. These AI-powered recommendations will also explain why this person would be helpful in your case and direct connections to similar situations that these people have resolved. When Dynamics 365 and Teams operate together, knowledge is truly at your fingertips.

Make it quick and straightforward to remain up-to-date on all fundamental service interactions. Use an AI-generated chat summary while utilizing the embedded Microsoft Teams instead of asking coworkers for updates or reading long conversation transcripts. Without having to produce anything, the summary allows customer support agents to communicate the context of their work, including the client's concerns and any remedies. They are, however, editable in case the employee needs to make any changes or additions.

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The Business Central app for Teams integrates Business Central's features directly into Microsoft Teams. You can check for customer, vendor, or other contact details, including basic information, history, connected documents, and much more, no matter where you are. Copy and paste the link to any record into a Teams chat so that everyone may see it as a small, interactive card display.


Create a tab that displays a Dynamics 365 record or view within a Teams channel. Add a prominent account or "My Open Opportunities" as tabs to the Teams window to access vital information readily. The Teams app also has a feature to view your Dynamics 365 dashboard. Document management is a fantastic component of the Teams and Dynamics 365 connection, with features like co-authoring via Microsoft 365, seamless syncing and file uploading/linking to Dynamics 365 data. Make a tab within a Team's channel for an important document for easy access and editing.

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