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The Benefits Of Using Power Apps

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Power Apps

The market for hassle-free app development platforms is quickly growing in the realm of low-code development. In January 2017, Microsoft launched Power Apps in the midst of the rise of various game-changing applications. Power Apps, simple business software for mobile devices, is a drag-and-drop user interface that allows you to build a mobile app by adding different controls, media, forms, and screens.

This program will assist you in creating your ideal business app with ease and simplicity. Power Apps, like its competitors AppSheet and Google App Maker, is aimed to let users create visually appealing apps with cutting-edge functionality. What's the catch? Because of the licensing model, Power Apps applications can only be shared within one's organization (internal use). But who's to say that was a constraint?

What makes Power Apps so revolutionary?

Every day, new technologies emerge, bringing new skill sets with them. However, far too many businesses are unprepared for these upheavals.

It's not just the executives who are under pressure. IT and development teams are likewise working overtime to meet the growing demand for customized software solutions.

Furthermore, as teams become more reliant on consumer products to digitize their processes, many do so. However, this technique has its own set of issues.

This is when Power Apps comes into play.

Power Apps, according to Microsoft, give the CIO and his staff some control over how their employees use their products.

What does Power Apps do?

"Power Apps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile—without the time and cost of custom software development," according to Microsoft.

Without the time and cost of specialized development, can you create custom business apps? To us, this sounds like a game-changer.

Who Uses Power Apps?

Users of Power Apps are divided into three types of line-of-business (LOB) users:

  • Developers - professionals who create administrative and analytical use cases

  • Business professionals - non-developers who also provide administrative and analytical support

  • Power users - team leaders/individuals that develop a team or personal apps with a specific goal in mind

Where can I learn about Power Apps and Power Automate?

If you are interested to learn about Power Apps and Power Automate, we have a course GRC-106: Microsoft Power Apps And Power Automate Fundamental Track that is custom-developed by our master trainer and if you would like to check what else did our master trainer developed, you may head over to Honing Your Skills On Microsoft Power Platform.

Besides, recently we just had a 2 hours webinar on Tango with Power Apps and Power Automate with the topics that covered are:

  1. Why Power Apps & Power Automate?

  2. Kickstarting Your Skills in Power Apps.

  3. Kickstarting Your Skills in Power Automate.

Here is the recording for the webinar:


8 Reasons Why Power Apps Are the Most Popular App Development Software

Easy App Maker:

You may create apps with Power Apps' pre-configured templates without needing to know anything about coding! Because of its versatility, you may easily simplify the time-consuming work of coding with simple drag-and-drop features or choose a template with pre-built functions for your specific business needs. Microsoft has you covered whether you're creating a corporate app, a smartphone app, a browser-based app, or a personal computer application.

Connect to data with ease

Power Apps' adaptability allows it to interact with other Microsoft products such as SQL, Server, SharePoint, and OneDrive. When it comes to setting up an app, it's critical to connect to the right data sources, but Power Apps takes care of that by interacting with other Office 365 apps and storing data in Microsoft SharePoint. Because Power Apps was created for internal usage, everything is linked together in the same environment, making data administration even easier!

Speed and efficiency

In a world where time is of the essence, even an hour's delay can have significant consequences for a company's business process! Optimize your operations by designing applications utilizing Power Apps' dynamic and visual environment to stay ahead of the competition. Your developers will be able to construct business apps while concurrently collecting feedback and ideas from users and management, allowing them to make adjustments and upgrades in real-time! This will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to develop apps properly. Once the app is complete, publish it and distribute it to all members of your organization.

Mobile features

Power Apps also gives us access to the hardware features of our mobile devices, which is a fantastic feature. This includes cameras and GPS location services! With Power Apps, we can create an app that requires the user's current location to be recorded, as well as an app with a barcode scanning feature. This invariably offers up new opportunities for designing applications with a variety of features that improve an organization's business processes!

Ready for your Smart Phone

Power Apps is a mobile app development platform that is specifically built to run on your smartphone while you're on the go! Gone are the days of obtaining iOS developer accounts, security certificates, or struggling to deploy Android APKs to devices; now, thanks to Power Apps' straightforward deployment feature, we can share our apps with consumers via the sharing and publishing features offered! End users only need to download the Power Apps Mobile Apps to gain access to all of the Power Apps applications you've produced and shared with the same company. It's that simple!

Microsoft Power Automate

In order to automate and simplify corporate operations, app makers like Power Apps require a constant supply of data. The well-known Microsoft workflow platform can handle both complex and simple flow processes in your Power Apps applications. The program activates the essential operations with just a click of a button, finally carrying out the application's entire objective! Take, for example, a simple Equipment Request App. When an employee picks the equipment they would like to request from HR, a flow is launched, and the HR Admin receives a notification, prompting them to approve or refuse the request.

Integrated with Microsoft Office 365

Power Apps has the potential to open up a world of commercial options, and once implemented, it can become an organization's most valuable asset. It essentially works in tandem with the Office 365 suite, allowing you to share data between Google Docs, SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics 365. Microsoft has also given Power Apps in-and-out access to essential software packages like SharePoint Online, which dramatically increases productivity and efficiency.

Low cost

Microsoft has transformed the app development process. In this regard, Power Apps is an economical alternative among app developer platforms, with the basic package costing $7 per month. Developers get the ability to create model apps for $40! What's even more amazing is that Microsoft has made Office 365 available as a free add-on for developers to store and use their data.

Sum it up

Microsoft's attractive low-code app-making platform stands out in the world when there are a plethora of alternative mobile development tools on the market. Power Apps is one such app developer that enables any company to create custom business apps that streamline procedures and improve productivity and data. Because Power Apps is a cloud-based application, Microsoft keeps its functionality up to date by providing new features and enhancements. It has won over the community with its broad capabilities, as it delivers on its promises to become one of the most successful and well-known low-code software development platforms!


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