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12 New Career Opportunities in the Age of Generative AI

Generative AI Career Opportunity

We are in the era of Generative AI, where AI is changing or even evolving the job environment. Current jobs are getting upgraded, and new jobs are being created daily. The capabilities and perks of Generative AI cannot be overseen lightly.

AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard.AI, Leonardo AI, and Wordtune are commonly used. Microsoft recently developed its own AI, The Microsoft Copilot, which will change how people use Microsoft 365, Azure, and Power Platform. 

Generative AI in the workplace

Generative AI tools increase task efficiency by automating routine tasks, personalizing products and services to give customers exactly what they want, generating new and fresh ideas through tons of available data, making collaborations between machines and humans easier and creating new jobs and income streams as well. The idea of replacing humans is non-existent or not the goal of generative AI.

Instead of supplanting human employees, generative AI will demand proficient workers - individuals who can effectively manage and optimize the use of generative AI. What could these jobs entail? Here’s a compilation of potential roles that are emerging in the field of generative AI.

AI Prompt Engineer

An AI Prompt Engineer is a maestro conducting the symphony of AI communication. They craft prompts for AI systems to guide their responses. It’s not just about tech skills but effective communication with AI. This could be your calling if you enjoy interacting with Siri or Alexa. And guess what? This role can pay up to a whopping $335,000 a year! So, it’s not just fun but also financially rewarding!

Generative Design Specialist

Being a Generative Design Specialist is like generating an image of a person using a computer to do generative AI, an artist and scientist rolled into one! They use algorithms and artificial intelligence to generate multiple design solutions based on specific criteria and constraints. This role involves a lot of creativity and innovation, as it can lead to designs that are difficult to achieve through traditional methods. It’s used in various fields, including architecture, engineering, product design, and manufacturing.

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AI Input And Output Manager

An AI Input and Output Manager is like a maestro conducting the intricate dance of data flow in AI systems. They navigate the complex interplay between data input and AI-generated output, ensuring the intelligence of AI systems is fueled by the right information. This role is pivotal in the AI landscape, as it orchestrates a symphony of information that drives AI performance.

AI Content Reviewer/Content Auditor

An AI Content Reviewer or Content Auditor is a digital detective, ensuring the quality and accuracy of AI-generated content. They use AI tools to review and enhance articles, checking for grammar, spelling, plagiarism, etc. They’re crucial in maintaining content integrity, ensuring it resonates with the target audience.

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AI Trainer

An AI Trainer is like a personal trainer for AI systems. They ensure AI models “exercise” correctly by tailoring the learning and data inputs. They handle data management, conversational design, quality checks, and more. Their work helps bridge the communication gap between machines and humans. Like a sports coach, they use feedback loops for iterative training, assisting the AI to grow in capability.

AI Maintenance Engineer

An AI Maintenance Engineer is like a mechanic for AI systems. They ensure the smooth operation of AI systems by monitoring, diagnosing, and fixing any issues1. They also use AI and machine learning principles for predictive maintenance, which can prevent potential downtime before it even occurs. This role is crucial in maintaining the efficiency and reliability of AI systems.

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AI Security Specialist

An AI Security Specialist is like a guardian of AI systems. They focus on defending AI infrastructure from cyberattacks. This role is vital as AI technologies are increasingly integrated into various products and services. They ensure the robustness of AI, which is often seen as less secure than many believe. They also deal with AI vulnerabilities, a common vector for data breaches.

AI Instructor/AI Literacy Educator

An AI Instructor or AI Literacy Educator is like a guide in the digital world. They help students and teachers understand artificial intelligence, its implications in education, and its potential to transform learning. They focus on developing AI literacy, which is the ability to understand, use, monitor, and critically reflect on AI applications. This role is crucial in preparing educators and students to work with AI in school and beyond.

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AI Ethicist/AI Ethics Officer

An AI Ethicist or AI Ethics Officer is a digital guardian, ensuring AI systems are developed and used responsibly. They blend technical expertise with a deep understanding of AI’s social, moral, and legal implications. They guide ethical practices in AI development, ensure AI systems align with societal norms, and help organizations navigate the complex landscape of AI-related rules. They also identify and mitigate risks, making AI safer for all.

AI Compliance Manager/AI Compliance Officer

An AI Compliance Manager or AI Compliance Officer is like a digital guardian, ensuring AI systems adhere to ethical and regulatory standards. They monitor AI systems, address ethical concerns, and ensure compliance with regulations. This role requires a deep understanding of AI technology, a keen sense of ethics, and a commitment to ensuring that AI benefits society. They play a crucial role in reconciling the innovative potential of AI with the need to address ethical concerns and regulatory requirements.

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AI Personality Designer

An AI Personality Designer is like a digital playwright, crafting the character and voice of AI systems. They create experimental interactions between humans and machines, making AI-based products feel user-friendly and engaging. This role often involves infusing AI personalities with cultural references or humour. It’s a relatively new field that draws on skills from copywriting, journalism, and a keen interest in emerging technologies.

Custom AI Solution Developer

A Custom AI Solution Developer is like a digital architect, building AI solutions tailored to specific business needs. They develop company-specific AI solutions targeting particular problems. This role requires a deep understanding of AI technology and the ability to translate business requirements into AI solutions. They work on everything from data management to model development.

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The Key Conclusion

As we journey through the exciting landscape of generative AI, we’re not just spectators but active participants in shaping its evolution. Yes, generative AI will transform existing jobs, but it’s also paving the way for new, unimagined career opportunities.

These roles aren’t just about understanding AI but guiding it, refining it, and integrating it into our world. So, let’s embrace generative AI not just as a disruptor but as a catalyst for innovation and growth. After all, in the age of generative AI, we’re not just adapting to change - we’re creating it!


How is Generative AI influencing the job market?

Generative AI significantly impacts the job market by creating new roles and transforming existing ones. It enhances job quality, fosters job growth, and even adds significant value to economies.

What skills are needed for careers in Generative AI?

How can I prepare for a career in Generative AI?

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