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Use AI-powered express design in Power Apps to turn images and designs into apps

First look at express design in Power Apps, which allows you to create low-code apps using design files and graphics in seconds. Customers can now construct web and mobile apps from a variety of sources, including paper forms and PDFs, whiteboard doodles, and even professionally created assets like Figma, with just a few clicks. Express design is just one of the many ways Power Platform is using powerful AI to help more people drive innovation in their teams and enterprises.

According to IDC, over 500 million apps and services will be developed in the next five years, which is more than the total number of apps developed in the previous 40 years. This exemplifies the need for businesses and developers to adjust quickly. Only by shortening the distance between a challenge and a solution to reach the speed and scale required. This is where the express design may help by allowing you to turn an idea or an existing asset into a working application much more quickly.

With the express design, you can make apps in no time.

Power Apps express design works like an AI-assisted copilot, assisting you in the creation of apps. The following is how it works:

  • Begin by experimenting with a range of content types: Begin with a paper form, PowerPoint, PDF, a screenshot of a UI from legacy software, or even a drawing of a hand-drawn program. In Figma, you can also point to a design file.

  • Advanced AI will scan your file: Power Apps will produce an app with a working user experience and data schema in Microsoft Dataverse using cognitive AI models that have been trained to recognize typical application elements.

  • To get exactly what you need, fine-tune the model: Make rapid inline adjustments from the AI-generated starting point. Do you require a dropdown control or a date picker? It's no problem.

  • Connect to all of your data with ease: Low code allows you to alter and configure the application easily. Integrate with your existing systems using over 675 pre-built connections, including SAP, Salesforce, and SQL.

  • Add as many screens as you want: To add extra screens to the programme, upload more files or use the low-code Power Apps Studio to create them easily.

GRC-116: Developing Custom AI Models Using AI Builder

Some common scenarios that hinder digital transformation today can be accelerated using express design. Here are a few examples:

Many firms still have obsolete libraries of paper and PDF-based forms and processes that they can't successfully upgrade and shift to the cloud due to a lack of resources. Now, individuals closest to the business process can quickly and easily convert these forms into digitized solutions, not just with a pre-built UI, but also with a pre-built data schema on an integrated data platform. This will not only save time, allow engineers to focus on strategic work, and decrease human errors, but it will also hasten the organization's shift to the cloud, guaranteeing that this data is secure and available for further analysis.

Creating apps from wireframes and sketches: It's never been easier or faster to turn a concept into an app. Simply capture a snapshot of your idea and witness it immediately brought to life in Power Apps, from whiteboard ideation meetings to PowerPoint brainstorming sessions to a hand-drawn drawing.

Professional design and development are accelerated: Microsoft integrated with Figma, a collaborative design platform where many software are created nowadays. Replicating the UX that designers have already established in the design tool can be difficult and time-consuming for developers. Designers may now use the Power Apps to develop designs with express design. Figma UI Kit and developers can turn that design into a working app in a matter of seconds, drastically speeding up the design to the development process and removing many feedback loops. Figma to app bridges the gap between designers and developers to provide an optimal end-user experience, saving time and giving you more control over the end-to-end build process.

Credit: Microsoft

Power Apps keeps pushing the boundaries of AI-assisted low-code app creation.

Unlike other design-to-code solutions, Express design generates a true low-code app that any creator can simply alter, extend, and connect to hundreds of pre-built and bespoke data connectors. Express design is significantly more versatile than any integration with a particular application or format because it uses advanced cognitive AI models to grasp the intent behind an image—including the structure of a form, controls, and data.

Express design is just one of the many ways Power Platform is leveraging AI to help a wider range of human developers speed up the development cycle. Express design is based on powerful natural language programming and coding.


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